The show stats button in Choicescript?

Dear Everyone,
How do I add a show stats button to my game once I have made a stats chart?

So you should have two stats: Something like given_name and surname. From there you make a third: full_name and then display that. It should look something like this:

*temp given_name "Jessie"
*temp surname "Doe"
*temp full_name ""
Blah, Blah, Player Selects Name Here
*set full_name (given_name & " ") & surname
*stat_chart given_name Name

Dear Reaperoa,
Thanks that works great is it possible for you to help
me the other question I just put as I want the player to be able
to look at the stats whenever they want.
Best Regards

Basically, just make put *stat_chart in your choicescript_stats text file.

The stats will be accessible at any time for the player to see. The only time they wouldn’t be would be if you put an *if statement in your chart.

For example:
*if (magic = true)
percent magic

So, if “magic” was set to true before, it would show you the percent magic that the player has. Otherwise, it wouldn’t show up at all, at least until the condition was made true.