How to make the stat chart appear in the game?

So, I’ve already set my stat chart, and hitting the stat chart button in my game works fine.

However, there’s a part, after the player makes their character choices, that I want to display the final chart. I searched the files but I can’t seem to find it: how to make the stat chart display in-game (like in Broadsides, after you make your character generation choices)?

Folks? What horribly simple command am I missing?

You can’t make the actual stat chat appear but you can get the stats to appear by doing something like this…

Name: {name} Body: {body}
Mind: {mind} Soul: {soul}

You can put stat charts in game in the same way you put them onto the statchart page. You just need to add the code to every page you want it to appear on.


  • percent BLAH

with the proper indents

Never mind, figured it out. Actually, my wife did! :wink: You can just put the *stat_chart command with the chart as you made it in the choicescript stats file. That’s it.

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