Any songs you've heard that connect with part of the story? *Spoilers*

Apparently I’m far too excited about this series…

Anyways, this idea struck me while listening to some random songs, and I thought it was an interesting concept. Does any song you listen to seem to fit the scenario presented at some point in the story?

While I tend to stretch a bit for this kinda stuff, I feel that this song fits the point where Black Magic goes crazy, at least from HER perspective.

Everybody’s Fool - Evanescence

Psycho by Puddle of Mud essentially is Prodigal in a nut shell.

AC/DC - Highway to Hell. I do not know but It just comes into my mind.

Fly to Paradise by Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir. Came to mind for the last scenes of the trilogy and I could definitely see it playing into the credits as well.

I am the light- by the white buffalo
Series as a whole.

Not sure this counts, but every time I get to the big battle at the end of Herofall, I always imagine hearing the Warehouse fight theme from Kick-ass 2.