Music Playlists While Playing CoG or HG

This may just be a me thing but I like to listen to music well playing CoG or HG games and oftentimes its songs I feel like go well with the story. For example here are some songs I listen to well playing Fallen Hero: Rebirth

I’m Not Okay by Weathers

Sick of You by DNMO & Sub Urban

Sleep Thru Ur Alarms by Lontalius

Fantasy by Khai dreams

Home by Daughter

Medicine by Daughter

Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me the Horizon

Gasoline by Halsey

So, I was wondering does anyone else do this? If so what games and what songs?
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

I just remembered one more song that goes well with Fallen Hero:
Youth by Daughter
Especially the lines going: “Setting fire to our insides for fun, To distract our hearts from ever missing them.”


I’ve never listened to any music while playing COG or HG, but I’d like to try it. Fortunately for me, I’ve been planning to replay Fallen Hero for quite some time. So I’ll try and listen to the songs that you listed on your playlist!


Less so reading, but while writing I had a whole playlist!

Asteroid Run on Spotify


Don’t have a list,but I remember I listened a lot of Johnny Cash while playing Tin Star


When I listen to music, I only listen to the ones without lyrics so I won’t be distracted. Like movie, game or anime OST. Or sometimes classical musics.

When I played Fallen Hero, this is the song that I played when I blew up the gala.

Super High-School Levels and Humankind Beckon!

And I played this when I was fighting the final boss in The Hero Project: Open Season

"Destruction" by Keiichi Okabe

And I don’t remember when, but, I believe I played those songs at some point.

other songs


I mostly listen to rain or jazz music playlists on Youtube so I can pretend I’m reading in a cafe lol. Really sets the mood for reading but not so much during tense moments for which I like to listen to rpg battle and boss music instead.

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I have a huge playlist on Amazon Music for Wayhaven Chronicles…I am so glad I am not the only one who does this! I also have playlists for Dandy from Evertree Inn and Orion from Sordwin (those ones are on YouTube so I could send em to @ThomB for a contest :heart: ) I make them for all of the plays I am in as well. It really adds to the experience, yes? ☆


I’m glad my suggestion was helpful! I hope you enjoy the songs.

I listen to music well writing as well, for me I think it helps me envision the characters better if give them a “theme song”.

I must admit I have yet to play Asteroid Run but when I do I now have an awesome playlist to listen too! Thank you!

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I always listen to music when playing these games, because my brain needs music to get into a story. I also listen to music when reading regular books. Or when roleplaying on discord… Or when writing my own stories… So yeah, I do have playlists.
Thing is, I don’t necessarily have playlists made for the games I play - I’m waaay too lazy to make playlists for the different games. I only do that for my favorite RP games but that’s not the question.
For GoG and HG, I tend to go by theme. I already have different themed playlists - romance, sad/nostalgic, cool things, epic battle music. And in addition to that, also have various game and movie OSTs and playlists per artist. Depending on the mood of the game, I’ll select a different playlist. For example, when playing Heroes Rise I tend to alternate between the cool and the battle music ones, while when playing Wayhaven Chronicles I use the romantic one, and I tend to go for the sad/nostalgic one for Fallen Hero. But I can also select an adequate game/movie/anime OST in some cases. Like the OSTs from the Hakuoki games when playing Samurai of Hyuga…

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twenty one pilots - Heathens

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I love listening to music while playing CoG or HG, it really helps me focus and just get into the story. I generally listen to music while reading regular books as well. I’ve never thought about making specific playlist for certain games, but I kinda love that idea. I might have to do that myself for some of my favorites!

Though I do have a playlist for a dnd character that has also been great to listen to while playing Fallen Hero: Rebirth. Some of the songs there are:

Antidote by Faith Marie

Empire by Beth Crowley

Don’t Follow by Shelby Merry

Way Down We Go by KALEO

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