Any news of The Hero Project: Redemption Season?

Someone knows anything about it? Like who the PC is, how it will treat our choices of the previous games or if the American Protectorate will be the antagonists again.

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The PC is a brand new hero and some of the npcs from the hero project will be returning. Thats all I know myself, it might be worth posting a question directly on the Heroes Rise facebook page you’ll get answers quicker.

On the heroes rise facebook site ( ) normally surface some news every other week or so. So maybe take a look there for new infos.

The only thing I found was the hero powers.
Why this game need so much secrecy? I need spoilers!

I think it will be out this year. I don’t know if this will be out first or the next book in the Versus series, but either way you’ll find out soon. You could ask your questions on the facebook page or twitter, however.

I don’t have an account in both sites, so the forum is the only way for me to ask questions.

If I read that right on the upcoming releases site it’s already in beta testing, whereas the next versus book isn’t even listed yet, so I think it is pretty safe to say that it will be out first… Expect something unexpected happens or something…it’s just a guess.

And I think that there were some more infos on their facebook page, like part of the recurring characters (old and new). But you’re right it’s not much, mostly little teasers to uphold the interest until it’s puplished.

Wait so what’s the new Pc’s power set?

I’m more interested in how our mc from last trilogy is going to show up.




Who knows, all I can say is, ALL ABORD THE HYPE TRAIN!


I dont know, but you now can save your save from HeroesFall to transfer to the new game.

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Hence me being excited about that.

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I’m driving myself crazy waiting for this to return into the spotlight, I mean seriously how long can you let someone go nuts

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The game was a huge dissapointment,if you ask me.

But hey,we’re all entitled to our own opinions.