Any games on version 2.0?

Kinda inspired/related to This thread.

It made me wonder which, if any game, every got patched up (and expanded (for free)) to get a “version 2.x” in the details.


@JimD Zombie Exodus Safe Haven will have additional story and interaction for Free in its next update…

And the @Delliot of The Butler did it mention, he is planning to add a new romance route for one of the male character , thus adding more story and material for free in future update…

@adrao also mention he is planning to add more story and romance interaction in the epilogue of Highway Wars for free in a planned future update , the author even inquire in his thread about what sort of ending fans would love to see in the future update :slight_smile:


I just looked it up on Google Play Store and ZE: Safe Haven is v2.0.5 now so I suppose there’s one here.


Yes, I was hoping to do more on that, but even development of Birth of a Hero has stalled in recent months. I did start with the Mars colonisation part, but then I became over-ambitious… and couldn’t finish it. Anyway, hopefully I will return to it whenever I manage to finally finish Birth of a Hero!