Another zombie game

I’ve been here before, was trying to make a game called Systems and ended up over my head as my practice with coding was minimal(and mostly still is) but I’ve been working on it(also I’m going back to that game at some point) and I think I’m getting a better grasp on coding. While I’m not sure what to do with such new found knowledge, I’ve been working on a survival game with zombies in mind but mostly as a background aspect. I’m still laying the ground work for the general mechanics and so far have nothing story based, just mostly an Oregeon Trail type thing. So I’m almost done with the ground work now and getting ready to put story into action and now seems like the time to gauge interest as I can still use the ground work in several other ways. So, another zombie game?..


Have you played the Oregon Trail: Directors Cut? It’s basically what you’re talking about, but it’s not a choice type of game, it’s literally the Oregon trail in modern times with zombies. You should check it out, it’s available for apple products (not sure about androids).

Yeah I have it but that’s not my end product, I have a lot of story in mind with that sorta thing as a template

As in think that style of game play cross with your COG story telling, I’ve been working on all the coding for it to be simple enough like Organ Trail, to use that as a base for the story bit. Question for me is if zombies are the way to go(And I promise regardless of that background, deep story and choices) I wanted to make a cross between sandbox and CoG. Could not quite do sandbox, but it ends up interesting I think.

Also thanks augustus27 for your comment, I’ve gotten excited and wonder if I’m presenting the concept prematurely, perhaps it’s best to wrap up some more work and let it speak for itself as opposed to trying to peg the idea for folk, thanks duder!


Yeah, a demo would make it much easier to give feedback.


Makes sense, like I said I got over zealous, I’ll come back when I have something more tangible, hoping a month or so depending on how life goes. Thanks for your time guys.

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