Another 'which game should I buy' post!


Getting ready for a long drive to see the eclipse tomorrow, and thought it’d be a great time to finally play one of these games I’m looking at. I’m trying to decide between:

  1. Samurai of Hyuga
  2. Community College Hero
  3. The Lost Heir: Fall of Daria

I’ve already played the demos for all three and know I’m interested in the stories, but I’m probably only going to get one right now (maybe two). After seeing Eric’s interesting forum post’s about writing, I’m curious to read his work (CCH). SoH looks like it uses opposed personality stats in a similar way I’m experimenting with in my own WIP. And finally, the Lost Heir series looks like a lot of fun to replay, and I feel like I’d learn a lot reading Lucid’s code.

So, what do you recommend, and why? I haven’t bought many games yet, so if you see my interests and come up with something else, go ahead and mention it – there’s a good chance I haven’t gotten to it yet.

Also, if I want to play offline I can’t buy from the site, right? I’d need to get it as an app?

Next CoG/HG to buy
  1. YES!!! The MC is very customizable and has good replay value.

  2. It’s creative for what it is but it feels like the MC never really had a choice. Like you could put your opinion but it won’t make a difference. What I especially didn’t like was the fact that there was little to NO direct interaction between the MC and other characters, too linear. There’s a very good costume for looks and and skills and the NPCs are good though.

  3. Another one that’s very customizable but plot went by really fast and I was confused more often than not. The author did have another game that I recommend though, Life of a Mobster.

I don’t know about buying from the website, I’ve only bought for the Device, but I would think so since the website is online.


I recommend Samurai of Hyuga because of how replayable it is and the story (not for the squeamish though).


I really liked Samurai of Hyuga for its character, and its setting. But I don’t think it’s for everyone. The MC has thoughts of their own (shocking), by that I mean, it’s more like you took over someone’s life during a critical moment, rather then it being you in the story. If you liked the demo of this one though, it’s nothing new. It should be great!

Community College Hero was cool, but I felt like 99% of the time I was going back and restarting to get the definitively better ending, which is just me, and I really wanted to get the best ending. I didn’t really like the feeling of perpetually being less than my classmates, but that’s built into the game so, personal preference. Also, excellent game.

Lost Heir when I started was hard to get into as I didn’t invest myself enough into the universe, I felt blandish. But as I kept going game to game, I got more and more invested into it to the point where I couldn’t stop. That game has monsterous replay value if you get all three, and a very cool setting.

If you plan on getting any, and I hate choosing, in order I’d get Samurai then Lost Heir then CCH. Again, nothing against ANY of those games, they are all well written, and I enjoyed my time with all of them, it’s just that some held my interest better than others.


I’m going to have to say the opposite for the Lost Heir. I loved the first 2 books, but book 3 just completely screwed me over. In the first 2 books I could keep trying to get a different ending, and I eventually got the one I wanted. However, in the 3rd book I couldn’t beat the game no matter what, I then realized it was due to the type of stats I had and my character. I almost stopped playing because of that, and it’s still left me unhappy with the series.


Have not played 1, but CCH is very good (might be a bit more linear than most, but it has memorable characters and is fairly funny) and Lost Heir was my first HG/CoG game and really shows what they can do. If you feel like starting a series do Lost Heir since 2 and 3 are out now and are supposed to be even better, but otherwise do CCH. Lost Heir ends in the middle of everything, whereas even though CCH is also part of a future series it resolves stuff a lot more at the end of the game.


One thing to consider is that all three of the choices you’ve listed are all each only part one in a series of games, and as of yet only The Lost Heir is complete. If you are impatient like me, this might be a detracting factor. I personally found CCH to have the most satisfying arc, but all three of them left me wanting more.


I recommend Samurai of Hyuga. It is one of the best written COG game out there. 10/10

  • Samurai of Hyuga if you like a kinda dark story
  • Community College Hero if you like underdog story
  • Lost Heir if you like status building


Hi all i am looking to a buy CoG/HG but i don’t know which one to buy so that is why i am here below are the games i already own so i you could recommend one that isn’t already on the list let me know thanks :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

Games i own
The great tournament
Community college hero
Welcome to moreytown
Choice of the pirate
Life of a mobster
Swamp castle
The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria
Choice of the dragon
Tin star
Hero rise the prodigy


Zombie exodus. All the parts. If you can’t do that Choice of Robots is your best bet.


Wait, so you don’t have Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven?

Baby, you’re missing out. One of the best Hosted Games out there, hands down.


Choice of Robots
Sabres of Infinity and Guns of Infinity
Way Walkers 1 and 2
Evertree Inn


:crossed_swords:SAMURAI OF HYUGA!!! :crossed_swords:


I challenge @MultipleChoice and @Lucid to a three-way trial by combat!

And by “combat,” I mean anything goes. Fish hooks. Hair pulling. Pinching. Tackling and trying to sit on the others.


They have sinned! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Both Choice of the Deathless games are great. If you like Tin Star, CotD: City’s Thirst scratched a similar itch for me. Apparently I’m into westerns?

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