Ankou: The harbinger of death (Ancient title Tan Noz) PUBLIC BETA TEST

Hi guys. Some of you might know the wip: Tan Noz: The shipwreckers. So, I just finished the whole story which is now titled Ankou: The harbringer of death. So here I’m looking for beta testers.

Info about the ankou

The Ankou is a character from Brittany’s myth that no one wants to meet or as late as possible. He is the god of death. Most often he is represented as a man or a skeleton, tall and lean with long, white hair. He is dressed in black, wears a large black felt pen with wide edges under which two deep black holes stare at you instead of eyes. The Ankou never moves without his scythe. He throws it forward to hit his victims, he regularly sharpens it with human humerus.

The worst omen is to hear the squeaking of the axles of his cart that two horses pull. With the reins in one hand, his scythe in the other, he travels the countryside in search of victims, nothing escapes him, his head can rotate as he please. Whoever hears the sound of the fateful convoy must hide if he does not want to be one of its victims.

The Ankou does not only take dying souls, he kills. The simple fact of approaching him and exchanging words with him is enough to cause the person’s death.

The Ankou cannot be challenged, nothing and no one can resist him. The elders tell anyone who wants to hear them “how a young man who was too curious, having heard the famous creaking of the axles of the Ankou cart he decided to observe it hiding in a bushe. The convoy suddenly stopped at his level, one of Ankou’s companions approached the hiding place to cut off enough to replace the broken ankle of one of the axles. The young man was relieved to see the Ankou move away without noticing his presence… the next day he died”

The Ankou was indeed accompanied by two short humanoid beings who helped him in his mission, both of whom followed the convoy. One guides the horse’s bridle from the front, the other opens the gates to facilitate its passage and places the bodies of victims on the cart. Stones encumber the cart to make it squeak and you can hear it coming, when an unfortunate person is broke, some stones are unloaded. For this reason, it is said that during funeral wakes a stone sound is sometimes heard; it is the soul of the deceased who replaces part of the ballast on the Ankou cart.

It is said that the last death of the year becomes the Ankou of the following year. An old Breton tradition says that you should never enter a new house for the first time: the Ankou is installed on the threshold to kill the first person who enters.

Info about the book

So about the story I changed some things of ankou’s myth to fit this story. If you read the previous info and the book you will probably understand. I can’t tell you what I changed cause it would be spoilery.

In the book, you play as a successful author who is going trough a period of uncertainty cause everything that shape his/her life is being questioned. So, he decided to travel to his/her hometown to take a break and reflect about his/her life. But what was supposed to be a peaceful trip soon turn into nightmare. The ankou choose him/her to be the next in his list.

  1. There’s four different endings.

  2. 10 achievements including 4 hidden

  3. You can play as male or female. Choose the gender of your partner.

  4. There’s some customization

  5. 3 different skill than can tip the balance of luck toward success or failure

  6. One of the hidden achievements can be really hard to get cause you need to follow a straight playthrough that’s traced since the beginning of the game.

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Hey! You should add some info about the book here


Hi! I will thanks

If your still looking for beta testers, I’m interested I thought the demo you had was good:)


Hey there thanks. I sent you an invitation to the private thread

I would like to beta test.


Hi thanks. I sent you an invitation.

If you are still open for beta testers, I would like to volunteer.


Sent you an invitation to the private thread

I will be pleased to Beta Test for you ! If you need convincing, I’m a true Breton from Bretagne living very near the RN12 !

hey if you won’t mind I would like to volunteer for the beta testers please

@Zain_Asghar @LastCthulhi Sent an invitation to the both of you thanks :relaxed:

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First time i am doing this but i wood like to beta test to please

Same, if there is still a place, I would like to participate in beta too. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Jj_Olivier @Langre Hey guys! Sorry for the late reply. I sent you an invitation.

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If you still need or want more testers I’d be happy ti

Hi! Thanks sent you an invitation.

Hi guys. So I finished the private beta test and moved on to submit it but Jason told me that I need to do a full public beta test. So, the link to the full game is in the main post. Feel free to play it and let me know your thoughts. Have a good day.

I really enjoyed the first and second endings (and how the man in the village turns out to be a spirit only the MC could see), although I noticed that previously some bad endings would show a telegram article while these two major ones, and few of the other minor ones, did not. Those articles were a lot of fun to read, and it definitely felt like the sacrifice ending was missing something like that. I also thought it strange that none of the endings go into the MC’s writing, especially since it is so important to their character at the start of the story.

I was unable to get the good (third) ending normally in my playthrough because of how it checks the physical stat and the amulets. To be honest, I did not like how this stat/amulet check worked at all. All the other choices and stat checks previously had a random factor, so even if the player decides on a purely mental or intuitive MC they still had a chance to get to the end – but now, to get the only good end, it feels like the player is forced to play a physical MC and choose a certain amulet.

I did really like the actual ending from what I did read, though, especially with how you don’t explain everything that’s happened – I thought the mysteriousness added to the horror and other-worldliness of what the MC had gone through.

A few things I saw:
It must be prevented at all costs from forcing her to cross the immaterial portal separating them from the world of the dead.
Looks like “her” be “him” here if the husband was chosen.

Defend yourself? Do you just want to.
The period should be a question mark, maybe change “just” to “even”.

“The hearing will resume Mr. Martin.” your lawyer say.
The period after the surname should be a comma, and the MC was female here but it says “Mr.”.

Even sacrifice comes at a price.
Not sure if “even” works here since it reads as if sacrifice doesn’t normally come with a price.

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Hmm… So I radomized the good ending: If you have a low physical skill you have a small chance of succeeding, you still have to have the bear shaped amulet in order to succeed.

To be added

I’m writing new telegram article to implement on some endings. Also, I’m rewriting the The happy ending. to add new things.

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