Animal Point of Views


This is more of a two part question.

Firstly I am writing a story where you will be able to have a dragon, I can’t give much info because of spoiler alerts (link is here though if you do want more information) but somewhere in the game I’m thinking about having the point of view switch to your dragon, and you can then play as your dragon for a while.

Would that interest you or does that seem too confusing and you’d rather just play your MC?

Also is anybody interested in playing games where you are an animal? The only game that I’ve seen that allows this is Choice of Dragon so I was wondering.


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There’s a book series called uh, the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. I grew up reading them and I have a signed copy of the fourth book from a fortuitous visit to the UK Wolf Trust. Every so often, there will be a chapter break from the point of the hero’s pet wolf. It’s written differently, but still understandable.

Choice of the Dragon is written from the point of a sentient dragon. It depends on whether you want this dragon to be a fully sentient, intelligent individual who understands and relates with human terms, an animal whose thoughts are loosely translated into human words and whose concepts and morality may not make immediate sense to humans, or something in-between.


The dragon is intellectual enough, so I see your point. Thanks.


I think that’s a great idea. I’m actually writing a story called Winter of the Bovine where you play as a dairy or veal calf.


This story isn’t going to end well is it?


It doesn’t start well but it can end well!


I would very much like to play as a Lion of a pride or Wolves.


I’d enjoy playing as a dragon.


Very much this. I know there is Choice of Dragon but another dragon game would be awesome. Dragons are my favorite if you can’t tell.


I tend to not like POV switching in games because it can get confusion and the characters are not me/MC and the characters have their own well defined personality which makes me feel like I can’t develop the character and the only logical choices are generic actions like the choice to go left or right.

However, if by some manic spell or somthing, MC and dragon switched bodies and I could still play as MC just in the body of a dragon, that would be fine.

For the second question, I like to play games where I’m an animal. Choice of the Dragon was great. But, I want to control the personality of the MC.


I don’t think dragons should be considered as animal, sure they are more beast-like that humans,elves and all the non-furry folks(dwarves count as furry), but they would be more on the level of a werefolw or Na’Vi I think. So the comportment of a dragon would be different that a human’s but not so much that it would be THAT disturbing to switch to the scaleplated flamethrower, like @Sovereign2Lilith said the change of character would be more confusing in itself, but even then it wouldn’t bother me, so suit yourself @ToxicDreams .

Also I would like a game where you play as an animal, it could be interesting in many ways.


Well I would like to see a story that delves into instincts other than violence and… activities of a somewhat X rated nature.

There should be a somewhat old thread (or two) where I said something to the effect of were creatures that could enjoy some petting and other pet like activities with the main character.
I’m pretty good with the improv but writing a full length story I’m not so good at so unless someone else picked it up it hasn’t really gone anywhere.

Someone did bring up the possibility of one of the main characters being one of the monsters and I would have liked running with that.


My cow would be such a sick cow


Hahaha YES! That will be possible.


I found that writing a full length story where you play an animal is a bit hard because of attention purposes. I feel like after a while it’ll get a bit bored even if the plot and conflict are super interesting.


Personally I don’t like it when the PoV changes in a CoG game. For me the magic of these stories is getting lost inside the main character, and switching out of that character into an animal, or even another person breaks that spell.

I’m not saying it can’t be done. If you have a strong vision then go for it, but so far every time I’ve seen it tried it’s been jarring, and disruptive to the story.

P.S. Dragons! That part is very exciting.


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Like @Camille622 said, I don’t like it when POV changes in a CoG, but I love the idea of playing from an animal’s perspective. :slight_smile:


Does reincarnating with all your old knowledge stashed in the subconscious and your preferences still intact count as a POV change?


So more of just transferring bodies? If so then no, I wouldn’t count that as a change in POV.