Multiple Points of View


I’ve been thinking and starting on making my own text game, but I was thinking about playing up more the novel aspect of the engine. As in having set characters as the POV, and the reader switches between them (or possibly in the prologue switches between characters and gets to CHOOSE which one they want to see the rest of the story from’s perspective).
What I wanted to know though is if that’s a sort of game people would be interested in?
Anyway, thank you for your time.


There’re some attempts on this multiple PoV. @hustlertwo’s NPT and @Sophia’s Kingdoms come into mind (although I honestly didn’t do a full playthrough of both :stuck_out_tongue: )

But my opinion about this multiple PoV, is… uh… bad? Good?
Well, being able to play with different views doesn’t spark my interest that much, TBH.
I mean, a good, fully fleshed-out story will always get my attention first. And then, if I discover that the story can be replayed from different character’s view, great!

But if the story is kinda meh, it’s unlikely that I’ll replay it, even from a different PoV.


Like @Szaal said, I have the same schtick in my WIP, Nuclear Powered Toaster. Two MCs, with some totally unique content and a lot that is shared but from different perspectives. I think that it should be ideal for those who like to replay these games; usually when they do that, the more unique content they can get the better, and multiple MCs provides that in spades. But you still have to make sure each individual playthrough has some meat on the bones, or they’ll torch you in the user reviews for being too short.