Multiple Perspectives?


Having - mostly - nailed down an idea for a c/s game, I’ve been wondering a few things.
One thing that struck me was how all the current c/s games follow one perspective: Your’s.

Now that’s not a bad thing, in fact it’s entirely expected. That’s what it’s all about right? Making the story YOURS, making it PERSONAL. That’s part of the charm, the fact that your playthrough is different to everyone else’s because of your choices.

I was however, thinking about breaking the mould and trying something from multiple perspectives, probably written from 1st person, as opposed to second.

So, what does everyone think? Good, bad or simply different? :slight_smile:


It would definetly be different, but it may be hard for the player to become connected the characters and there for the choices they make may not be thought over as much.

Thats just my perspective. See what I did there? :wink:



Its ironic you brought this up as I was thinking earlier of a game idea where playthroughs could be linked together. Which I think would allow you multiple perspectives while still letting people get into the character.

The idea I had was about a crew on a terraforming vessel that wakes the crew from cryo sleep when something hits the ship before it reaches its destination. The player would get to choose from one of the seven members of the crew at the end of the playthrough you get a code which you can enter at the start which lets you play as another character while dealing with the consequences of earlier choices (for example Character A can open a door via a console that lets Character B avoid having to find another way into the control room) The only issue with this idea is of course it’d be a nightmare to code properly but would offer replayability.


I think that CJW wanted to write his novel in other perspective, and not give it more ways of playing it. Instead of saying “You entered…” he would use “I entered…”.

It would definitely give more of a book like feeling then of cyow, but as you said in your tread. You wanter it to be more story driven.If that is your main goal, then changing the writing perspective would be even recommended.


I meant you’d play half a story from one character’s point of view, half from another etc.

Question is, do I use first person or third?
First is more personal but I find it can be annoying when “I” becomes someone else, the same applies to “you/2nd”. But would third person be too impersonal for choice making?


Trey crept through the sewer gate, taking great care to gently close it behind him. Once inside he came across a branch in the network.

_#He took the left path
_#He took the right path

Any opinions?


I think my suggestion is the best way to approach it. As you said it can be confusing when ‘I’ switches between people and third person would be too impersonal. with my suggestion you focus on one perspective per playthrough but still offer multiple perspectives that overlap via repeat playthroughs.


Hmm stray thought. Perhaps your soul has the ability to leap from body to body. While you can leap you may not have total control of who you jion with and while its you the host body soul will mingle with yours changing who you are while mixed. Sorry my mind wonders often. :slight_smile:


@LordIrish - I actually like that… I like that a lot o.O

@Nocturnal_Stillness - I think my story will be a tad long for that to be practical, although it is a good basis. …



that made me think of quantum leap lol


@Nocturnal_Stillness lol that thought also cross my mind.


Would definitely be an awesome game


I’d feel bad using that idea, it’s good. You should use it yourself :slight_smile:


@CJW LOL I have more plot bunnies running around then I could ever write about feel free to use.


:slight_smile: Haha, maybe I will. Thanks man :stuck_out_tongue:
I know the rabbit feeling, anyhow !


Always happy to dump off… I mean pass on a plot bunny. :wink: