A third person view

Hi guys so I’m working on a wip gonna be out in a week or 2 and I had an idea on my mind

A third person view IF to explain more there’s a second person view where you play with the main character and first person view where you play as the main character what about a third person view where you control the choices of the main character but the character will have a personality of its own

Well you probably gonna say does it matter?
Well It does and it’s a really gonne make big deference i think that a third person view will make the mc have a real personality and give more excitement and depths to the story what do you think i really need your opinions

This post links to a lot of past discussion on this topic:


I’ve read third-person IFs before, and there’s a reason they’re not terribly common. It feels weird making a decision for a third party. First-person and (especially) second-person make for a much greater sense of immediacy and involvement. That’s why CoG has always required games to be written in second person. They’ve seen first- and third-person IF too, and they’ve found second-person to be consistently the most effectively immersive.

That said, if you want to write in third person, go for it. It’s not my preference, but I’ve certainly enjoyed IFs written in third person.


If audiences often have a major sub-set of players that “self-insert”. Those that self-insert often find relating to third-person narration to be difficult.

With that said, you seem to have a firm vision in mind, so I suggest seeing how the community reacts to your demo because your firm vision, executed well, will overcome the reluctance of many.


I have had thoughts on writing a third person IF too. More so when wanting to give choices for multiple characters. I can see a great tragedy being written in such an manor. I also grew up reading third person stories almost exclusively, so it is far more natural for me to want to write that way.

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Thank you all for your opinions i decided t go with the traditions therefore a second person view but with some third person features thanks (´◡`)

Third person IF can work extremely well if handled properly. Guiding the actions of a fleshed out character can be interesting, rather than trying to put yourself in their shoes. Not as likely to find a market with Hosted Games though unfortunately due to expectations of being able to make your own character to play. (See discussions on preset characters).

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in my opinion third person view is the best choice for an author because it offers a more detached view of the story and it allows for a broader narrative scope and giving players insights into multiple characters and perspective and i think it works well for games with complex storylines and multiple character arcs and it allow the author to focus on world-building but I don’t think it will be welcomed here sadly

There is no such thing as a universal best choice for an author. What narrative perspective is best depends on what the author is trying to accomplish. If the author wants to take a deep dive into a particular character’s psychology, or limit what the reader knows in order to build up to a later reveal, first person is often superior. There are things that can’t be done in third person, just as there are things that can’t be done in first. Although successful authors certainly may have their own preferences, they think of different narrative perspectives as different tools available to them, and it’s part of their trade to know how to use the right tool for the right job. To argue that third person is “the best choice” is like arguing that a hammer is the best tool. Sure it is, if you have a nail, but if you actually have a screw, you need a screwdriver.

If you have an idea for an IF that really is best told in third person, have the courage of your convictions and write it that way. But don’t just come stomping in here essentially telling all the experienced authors they’re doing it wrong and acting sorely misunderstood when the longtime fans tell you what we’ve personally found most effectively immersive.


You’re absolutely right and I apologize if my previous response seemed to imply that there is a universal best choice for narrative perspective. Different narrative perspectives serve different storytelling purposes, and the choice of perspective ultimately depends on the author’s intentions and the specific needs of the story they want to tell.

The intention of my previous response was just an opinion obviously I don’t have the right to say what’s good and what’s bad though it was just an opinion but sorry(ᵔ◡ᵔ)


@Elriwana – Is it possible to have a short demo in both third-person and second person, and then have a poll to see which the members here would enjoy more?

I still think that if you feel this strongly about third-person narration in your game’s design, that you should go with your instinct here.

Those that execute on their vision grab the community’s attention, even if something is out of the norms.


I agree but sometimes instincts betrray you so im gonna go with what the community prefer and mix it with what I think is good and see what people say

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The real question you’re asking isn’t about first, second, or third point of view, it’s about how much of the main character the audience has control over.

In a Kiss from Death, the MC never speaks unless the player selects a dialogue option, and they do only what the player says and what would naturally arise from the choices, without exercising their own individual agency. The MC and the player are fairly interlinked. (Which also ties into the “multiple timelines” thing going on in the secret ending)

In The Gray Painter, the MC has a completely independent personality from the player and occasionally acts on their own accord, having full conversations and making choices without input. It’s a specific story about a specific person, rather than a story that’s everything for everyone.

Both of the stories are in 2nd person. The point of view isn’t the distinction between them.


No it’s not about how much the readers have control over the mc its about how much the third person view give more features that others can’t provide you see the third person point of view provides an objective and broader perspective allowing readers to gain insights into multiple characters thoughts and actions therefore the Character development allows more in depth exploration of characters and their motivations and their interactions with others
A distance from the narrative can create a slight emotional distance between the readers and the characters as they are observing the story from an outside perspective

But im working on mixing two perspectives the second point of view and the third point of view and it’s going very good

POV is one tool to achieve what you want but it’s by no means the only way. The strongest tool you have is your writing style; don’t get caught up in the easy checkboxes and trivia.


POV is a method to tell the story. What is important is the content of the story. Once that gets figured out, you can then decide on your method. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each solution has its boons and banes. Different problems need different methods. Also take into account your style of writing.

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