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While the beginning of the story was slightly confusing (but that may just be the way my brain works in the morning), the writing became much more clear when the MC left the house. I love the idea for the story, I truly do. It feels rather unique, and I’m excited to see how it develops!

Also, here are some grammatical suggestions. I’m not saying these are all mistakes, but I think these changes could make certain sentences easier to follow.

Whether you believe that the Gods will receive him in the celestial dimension or not, (…) > Whether or not you believe (…)

(…) passed down by his family (…) > (…) passed down in his family (…)

You have not a horse to carry you (…) > You don’t have a horse to carry you (…)

They say “good luck!”, (…) > They wish you good luck, (…)

Keep up the good work! :relaxed:


Time for my progress report for the month!

This month I wrote 25 000 words. Which is a lot considering I rarely write that much or that often, I think I’m starting to create an appropriate writing routine.

Chapter 2 has around 20k though, since some scenes I deleted and others are oneshots (spoilery ones); we’re halfway there! I’m hoping to finish or almost finish chapter 2 by the end of august.

Now we have a tumblr page for Angel’s Song!

I may not post much content because I rarely have internet, but I’ll try to post progress reports every other week or drawings I make. Maybe some non spoiler-ridden oneshots, or deleted scenes. We’ll see.

The demo has been updated.

Minor updates (More info in the game):

  • Decided to change the word ‘taint’ for its equivalent in japanese: osen. Still can’t change the topic’s name, unfortunately.
  • Stat Screen Overhaul
  • Legacy Skills (For special epilogues at the end of the game and maybe special quests? I’m still deciding things about this.)
  • Apathy=Stoic/Emotional
  • Magic Flow=Cautious/Reckless
  • Minor bugs

I also added a bit of chapter 2. Just a small addition ( around 7k). You can play to see a sneak peek of the chapter or wait until it’s finished. Also, don’t use old saves! I changed lots of variables and it could bug out your game.

Also, @Dariel thanks for your suggestions, I already implemented them.


Game seems to be stuck in a loop at the “inn, clothes, grab something to eat” part

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Fixed it. Should be working now.

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Monthly Report: August

This month I wrote 25 000 words. And I’m still not finished with the chapter, sorry that I don’t have good news on that front :sweat_smile:

Again, you can read the weekly reports on my tumblr (with sneak peeks of random sentences from the chapter) or follow me on twitter for my daily comments about how I’m not done yet.

Here’s what I wrote up for this month’s report on my tumblr:

August's Report

So I wrote the same amount as before. But I believe I’m figuring out an appropiate writing routine for me, since I find it easier to write more than 1k in a day if I really try.

I wrote lots this week! I don’t know if it was because I felt motivated or because I actually sat down to have fun during writing days (I’ve been watching some shows I wanted to watch for a while and it has inspired me).

Chapter 2 is very close to completion. I think it might be done by next week. But who knows for sure? I keep adding new things as they come to me, so it might be a little longer than that, but it’s coming soon, I’m sure.

I also wrote something very exciting this week that you won’t see until chapter 5 (probably). It was very emotional but so cool to write. This book has some very sad moments, but I think the next one will be a little more on the lighthearted side.

And here you have it, the last out of context thing/sentence for the month. To celebrate near completion I chose something larger. Newer scenes have cooler stuff, but I don’t want to spoil those.

And here’s this month’s special out of context line:

“Politics probably,” answers Asha. She savors the cake in her mouth. A gift from Akio’s father, you hear, to celebrate her coming back safe. “Hazuki is Lord Sakuma’s firstborn. Though the people do not favor him, if something were to happen to his father, he would inherit this land, it would be his right. If the Captain were to send the monk or a priestess, they could take it as an offense to Lady Maeda or to Lord Sakuma himself.”

Hopefully I’ll come back in a week or two to show you what I’ve been working on :blush:


Very interesting premise! Looking forward for more!

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@Vanessa_Pang Thank you for reading! :blush:

Chapter 2 has finally been released!

Final word count for the chapter (exc. Code): 48774 words

Total word count (exc. Code): 66695 words

This chapter is way longer than I thought it would be. I wanted to do a revision but I don’t think I have the mental capacity for that right now, so I will be taking a break from writing. I’ll resume writing chapter 3 sometime next week, probably.

There are some things that I think can improve during later revisions, but that’s for future me to worry about. I hope you like it!

Notes about the chapter.
  • There is a scene that uses random variables. If the variable’s value is higher than 5 it says something, otherwise it says something else. It’s a very short line of dialogue that is affected by it. I’m curious to see how many people get it.

If you want to know where it appears: it happens during the dream sequence. Tell Klaus you love him or remain silent. His dialogue will change depending on the variable’s value.

  • To get to the lake you can
-Intimidate horse (either pass the check or use your mark)
-If bribing horse: go to the dog's house and steal the pup's snack
-If climbing the roof: go to the chicken coop and look underneath the floorboards.

Otherwise you will go hide in Lord Sakuma’s old home.


Gave asha a fake name but real name was still used throughout also liked the 2nd chapter looking forward to more masami

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Ah, I know what happened there; fake names were a late addition so I forgot to take that into account when coding :sweat_smile:

Thank you for reading and for telling me of this issue, it should be working fine now.


During my playthrough, if you chose to get a fortune told or go play a game first, it skips the scene and shows the inn scene instead.

There also seems to be pronoun error at the emory tree where my character is referred to as a daughter. It also happens when Masami and Hazuki are arguing, they refer to MC as she.

Lastly, and I’m not sure if this error or not, but Klaus calls my character by the alias I gave Asha.


Hello and thank you for reading! I couldn’t replicate the first issue you had, but found another one while looking for it, maybe that’s what caused it? When you choose what to do for the first time it will lead to an “introduction” scene for the festival where some kids bump into you, afterwards it should go to the place you chose. If you still have issues, feel free to tell me, I’ll look into it again.

The rest I found and fixed. And yes, Klaus calling you by your alias is an error, I wish I could say it was premeditated, but I didn’t really remember there was a fake name option while writing :joy:

Thank you for commenting!


The first error seems to have been resolved. However, Masami and Hazuki still refer to my MC as she during their argument — my MC is male.

Also, when exploring the house, when choosing visit Masami’s room, it shows the music room scene right after.

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Fixed! Thank you for going through it again.


Just finished reading, I love it!
But a small error, I think, when giving my MC’s real name. When I input a name and confirm it, it defaults to “Sei”. After coming far enough I thought it might be because I wanted to call my MC Ai which happened to be the horse’s name LOL. Not sure if that’s really the problem tho.

It was an error, I think it’s fixed now. I’ll try to remember to add a comment about the MC sharing the same name as the horse next chapter.

Thank you for reading!

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Progress Report - 14/09/2020 to 20/09/2020

Words written: 4211

A summary:

My patreon has been released! You will get access to exclusive extras, deleted scenes, longer progress reports, character interviews, polls and other things I haven’t come up with yet!

I will still post progress reports on tumblr and the cog forum, but the patreon ones will be more detailed and have more sneak peeks.

Next week (?) we will resume normal updates for tumblr and cog forum: that means an overview of my progress, word count and an out of context phrase from the chapter (if I manage to write anything substantial next week).


Just a small typo (sort of)


Thank you for reading! I updated the demo with some fixes (including that one).

Also, in case anyone wants to try it or is curious, the last scene of chapter 2 has been expanded a little. Not by much though, so I don’t know if it’s worth it to play through the game again just to get it.

I also removed the random variable for one of the conversation options in the dream sequence. Now Klaus will always have enough courage tell you “I love you” back.


Progress Report - 21/09/2020 to 27/09/2020

I tried to post this here yesterday, but my internet, like always, had other plans. This is going to be a common occurrence, I can tell.

Words written: 3889 + 1856

Patreon has been updated with short stories, a deleted scene and the new progress report.

I finally wrote a start to chapter 3 that I actually like! There’s still much to write to be over with this initial introduction, but at least the worst part is over with.

I also tried to practice nsfw scenes with my other story. I didn’t get too far into it, but what I did write I actually liked, I think I did well, though I don’t think I’ll go too much into detail when the time for more intimate scenes comes around.

I’m trying to add in more opportunities to be flirty, so hopefully that goes well.

Here is this week’s out of context phrase. It’s short, but I really wanted to share it:

“You don’t have to fake it if I make you fall in love with me.”


It seems really interesting so far! I just started playing and I’m not sure if this is a bug or if you turned it off but it says there’s an error with the save slots? Sorry in advance if this is like meant to happen or is just an issue for my phone :sweat_smile::joy:
It won’t let me link the photo but it says something like Error bad slot has smPlugin been in? Sorry again if this is actually nothing :sweat_smile:
But either way I’ll keep reading the demo!