An Alien's Life (Updated - 15th August)

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An Alien’s Life is a story about an alien who has been sent to Earth to wipe out humanity (or retrieve military secrets).

Live through your childhood on the alien planet, Zion, and shape your character along the way.

Once you land on Earth, humanity’s fate will rest in your hands. Will you not rest until they are extinct? Or will you instead decide to befriend them and live on Earth, thus betraying your alien overlords?

Attribute system:
There are 4 main attributes. These attributes will be used often throughout the game, revealing new paths and dialogue options.

INTELLIGENCE - Intelligence will allow you have better judgement, make better decisions, and have
increased perception and eyesight.

CHARISMA - Charisma will allow you to be persuasive and deceptive, and lead people when needed. It
also allows you to better read people.

WEAPONS - Weapons will give you skill in both ranged and melee weapons. In combat, you will be more
accurate with shots, and quicker to strike.

LUCK - Luck will allow you to get out of problematic situations through sheer miracles.

The number of people you kill will also be recorded throughout the story. Based on whether you kill everyone you meet, no one at all, or somewhere in-between, you will unlock different endings.

Romances and Relationships:
There will be a relationship system with a wide cast of characters you can interact with. There will be romance options in the game. You will have the opportunity to convince certain characters to help you on your mission. Or on the other hand, perhaps you will be convinced to betray your alien overlords, and settle down with a love interest.

What is your favourite attribute so far? (Can pick multiple options).

  • Intelligence.
  • Charisma.
  • Weapons.
  • Luck.

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  1. Chapter 4: Resurgence completed. 28,100 total words.

  2. Implemented CJW’s save plugin.

  3. Added a scene early on into chapter 4.

Previous Changes:


14/08/18 - 3/5th of Chapter 4. 25,000 words. Ability to skip to later chapters. Death counter.
10/08/18 - Chapter 3. 21,000 words. Hidden stat checks.
02/12/17 - Prologue chapter. 14,800 words. Added a relationship system.
16/11/17 - Initial demo release. 7,500 words (word counts include code).

My comments:
A little unsure about how the story is progressing so I’d like some feedback or suggestions. Let me know if you like the abilities that can be used off of the 4 attributes, or if you had something else in mind when you puts stats in to your chosen attribute(s).

Previous Comments:


14/04/18 - Only 3/5 of a chapter this time, but I’m eager for some feedback so decided to release it now. Let me know if you like how some of the abilities work.
10/08/18 - I’ve tried out new mechanics and hope it makes for slightly interesting gameplay. Please let me know if I’m going a little to over the top with the jokes or deaths in the game. Enjoy, and please post any comments or critique that comes to mind.
02/12/18 - I had a lot of fun with the prologue chapter, let me know your opinion on the backstory and if you like slowly picking attributes over your life. Once again, I’d really appreciate it if you could leave any feedback or criticisms you have. Thank you!
16/11/17 - Please try out the demo above, it amounts to around 7,500 words (including code) for this early version. I hope you have fun with it and would really appreciate it if you could leave any feedback or criticisms you have. Thank you!

Next update:

  1. Chapter 5.

  2. Add a few more opportunities to utilise the 4 attributes.


I really love this Luck state

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Me too! I think Luck can be a really fun stat to play around with, and can create a lot of comedic situations.


Oh great I’m gonna have two dump stats!


I’m still unsure on how hard to make the attribute checks. It’s more fun to be able to pass more, and I know some people dislike having to specialise for just 1 or 2 attributes.

This game looks quite promising and quite funny. It also gives me the “Destroy all humans” feel, which its quite great cause i love the game and is hilarious.

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Thank you! I am trying to give the player as much freedom of choice as I can. So if someone wants to go full genocide and try to kill all of humanity, I am definitely going to try and accommodate that. And on the other side of the coin, I also want to make it possible to go through the game remaining completely pacifist.

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I like it when I can get stat boost even with failure, since that encourages people to spread out and not just try to get victory (in addition to good coming from failure), and in general lots of boosts! :star_struck:



I like how is this so far :slight_smile: the stats also great since I can manage to balance them.

Anyway, found two thing


I just feel the wording here a bit off, perhaps try

“It’s not your fault at all! But I will tell her that for you.” The man says as he nods.

Or something similar :thinking:



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I’m glad you like it.

Thank you for pointing out the mistakes! Your wording fits much better for the first part. I’ll update those now.


That’s a great point. I’m going to try to combat that a bit by allowing the player increase a stat by 1 at the end of every chapter. But you’re definitely right that some funny options or options that might usually lead in failure should also result in stat boosts. Otherwise, like you said, people will just try to go for options that are most likely to result in a ‘win’.

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Will I be able to make a Invader Zim like charater?


If you specialise in Luck, you certainly can make an Invader Zim type of character. Luck options often involve your character being quite helpless, and not being quite sure what to do. Then only to be bailed out by dumb luck or a miracle.

And on top of that, there’s plenty of stupid options I’m planning to add. An example is to assume the woman is a zombie if you have 3 or less Intelligence.

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You can’t have this title, I think. @Lucid?

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This is good.
Thank you Dr. Mario.

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I didn’t realise those two games were made by the same person. Do they have rights over ‘Life of a’ in Hosted Games?

This brings back memories of ‘Destroy all Humans’. Good times…


Yes, I have built a brand around the Life Of titles. It would be nice to have a new title for your interesting game. I was a fan of Destroy All Humans too. Great premise. :slight_smile:


What if at the beginning you made it so you could decide what type of alien you are like if you were a race of militaristic aliens you would have a higher weapon stat while if you were a intellectual race of aliens you would have higher intelligents.


Played the demo and love it so far :slight_smile: really funny and great idea, can’t wait for the next update and hope you stick with it :slight_smile: .

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