Alpha of a pack of four raptors (Game Idea)

Ok So…i’m VERY new to making an interactive story. But I decided to start up once I saw a contest I knew I HAD to start up on making one.

The issue is I have an idea for what I’d like. Thought I’m not sure if it would be accepted so I thought I’d ask here.

My idea was you are (or you become) the Alpha of a pack of four raptors in a Jurassic Park like setting. As the leader you help your back escape and journey through the station.

Would that be accepted? Or not because they’re not human?


There is no rule against making a game featuring non-human animals.

If the contest you’re talking about is the Choice of Games contest, it’s been confirmed in that thread:


Oh sweet! Ok that’s awesome. I wasn’t sure where to look for that!

Thank you so much!

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Sounds intersting throughly wouldent know what choice they’d be and what sort of story line

Sorry can ya say again?

The very first Choice game was Choice of the Dragon, and it has a non-human protagonist. So I can definitely see how it’s acceptable. Just be sure that you still match up with the other guidelines and rules though.


Mkay, I’m sure I can do that. I just wasn’t sure if it was accepted. Oh yea, I remember that now. But i don’t think any others are?

Well there’s the one where you’re an iron atom (which I still haven’t played.) :slight_smile:


Really? weird. lol. But yea, I’m VERY big on playing as non humans. So i’m very happy it’s accepted.


Congresswolf is about a werewolves… there are also works about that deathworld where your a undead magic lawyer person…


I guess that sounds, but I mean more of monster things. Like Playing as a vampire isn’t the same as playing a giant bat right?

Does that even make sense?


I dunno; I guess it depends on the story.

lemme try again. I wanna play a monster, instead of something humanoid.

A Frankenstein is a monster with nothing human about it in the Shelby original … a Raptor dinosaur could have exhibited very human traits, like hunting in a pack … so maybe I don’t get what you’re trying to say.

Exp: Sci fi Aliens vs humans game: I’d rather be the multi limned insect aliens than a human solider.

Or I’d rather be a dragon than a knight from the Kings Court.

IS that better? IDK how its so confusing so i’m sorry. I don’t wanna be a human/dwarf/elf/zombie/ humanoid thing. I’d rather be the wolf/dragon/goblin/slime monster/ aline.

I’m really sorry i’m not explaining this clear enough.

So…cause i’m kinda new at this would anyone have tips or ideas.

I have several ideas, but I realized I haven’t written in years, let alone an interactive story.

Any ideas?

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You’re gonna have to be more specific. What kind of ideas and tips are you looking for? What are you having trouble with?

The best advice anyone can give you is just jump in and start writing, doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, you can edit and improve it later, just write.

The COG outline document can give you an idea of how to plan out and get started on writing a choicescript game. There is a wiki to help you learn to code in choicescript. And you can always search the forums, there’s tons of good advice here on writing if you look around.

I like your idea of playing a raptor, sounds fun! Do you have a setting/story in mind?

Thanks for all that first off. I hope it’ll help me get at starting off point.

Yea the setting would be those Jurassic Park rip off thing. As the Alpha you lead your pack to freedom during a catastrophe.

I think it’ll start off with watching from an egg for the basic Sex, Name, Feathers or non. Then you’re put in a pad with with 3 other raptors. While there ya get to know them better and possibly become Alpha and pick up on human patters (Humans don’t have indelible dialogue. But the dinos do) . After a while something happens one night that allows the Raptors to escape. As the alpha (or maybe you’re not XD ) you must help the pack journey through laboratories, Offices, Other habitats ect while fighting off humans and dinos.

Unsure Ideas:

  1. Not sure if there should be a villain-a human, (mercenary, scientist, “Movie Protag”) A dinosaur, or like a dumb Human-Dino Hybrid (like the JP4 unused concept)
  2. If i should make the raptors feathered or not.
  3. Should player name and designs the other raptors

Also…How do you make a GOOD story out of that? Its fun, but how could it be a good story.


Honestly, I think this is the sort of thing you should have a clear idea of yourself and be able to work out if you ever want to finish the game you’re working on.

Think about other movies with creatures escaping from Zoos and what makes their stories interesting. Or even stories about escaping from prison.

Will the fun be in terrorising people and trying to eat them, becoming the biggest monster you can, getting revenge upon your captors? Or will it be on trying to sneak out peacefully so you can live unhunted once you’re outside? Or will it be in proving yourself as intelligent as your captors so that the two of you might be able to live in harmony? Or if it’s an island, will it be in driving all humans off the island to ensure they leave you in peace? What about working with and/or against other dinosaurs? Do you become a great leader of all dinosaur peoples?

I think you need to think about end states. And several different ones.


You’re a smart bird.