All That Remains (WIP) (DEMO)

In 2023, a nuclear war occurred and wipe out millions of lives. So many people died for no reason.When it happened, you were just 13 years old. Unfortunately, your parents couldn’t survive. Luckily, your aunt found you and took good care of you.

5 years have passed since that terrible event. You thought everything would be fine, but you were wrong. Unfortunately, people didn’t know the nuclear war mutated some plants. Those plants transform their human hosts into cannibalistic monsters.

You and the other survivors have to fight hard to stay alive.

  • You can choose your gender.
  • You can choose your sexuality.
  • You can go solo if you want.
  • You can be a leader or a member of a group.


Let me know if there’s any typo or mistake.


I like it so far keep it up. :grinning:

Here are the spelling errors I found.

In 2023, a nuclear war occurred and wipe out millions of lives.


You’re already big enough to take care of yourself.

“Old enough” sounds better.

“I made pancakes for you.” Your aunt says, putting pancakes on your plate.

Repeated word. Maybe “putting them on your plate.”

Suddenly, the same man who was throwing up a few minutes ago attacked a guy



Am going solo full lone wolf

I’m the one that wants to be in a group when bad things go down :sweat_smile:

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So is this like the clickers from Last of Us where its just a virus spreading? Because if so count me in :slight_smile:

I hope so because I’m all in :grin:

I really liked the game so far and the beginning seems very interesting. One problem is that the question about the MC’s gender came very sudden. One second I’m reading about an attack, the other I’m asked about my characters gender. Maybe try to make the choice fit into the scenario (one example I have seen in other games is to include it in a dialogue like “hey girl/boy!”) so the reader can feel fully immersed in the story. Apart from some spelling errors that have already been pointed out, I didn’t find anything else. So far, the game was pretty interesting and I love that there is a choice to go solo!

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I asked the gender because Mr. Madsen had to call you Mr. or Ms.

It’s was good can’t wait for more

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