Agency Of Otherworldly Protection: Awareness (WIP)

Hey, fellow choice of games players, after reading the latest hosted game, I’ve decided to make my own hosted game. I want to share with you, anyway here’s the game in hand.

Description - In the story, you, a human, will take place in the modern world where no human knows about supernatural beings roaming with them. They are kept secreted by an organization called Agency Of Otherworldly Protection. This agency is made of the most trustworthy and respectful of the whole supernatural world. The agency brings in those who pose a threat to the human population and solve cases among them as well. You are a private investigator that has taken a case that happens to become stranger and stranger the more you uncover.

Plot - You were finishing a cheating spouse case when you got called by an unknown caller. They ask for you to look at a murder case they believe to be a cover-up and sends a case full cash to find any false play in the investigation. You take the case, and at first, it seems like everything about the case seems to be fit the police’s file, but it also seemed to be something that doesn’t add up. While you take your steps into the case, you seem to keep intruding with a group of five that seem to have interest in your case. And as you go deeper and deeper into the case you start to question the reality around you. Who is this mysterious caller? Who is these group of people? And why are they suddenly everywhere you are? And why is this becoming stranger than your other cases?

Attributes - Strength| Perception| Cunning| Agility| Defense| Magic|

As you get further in your case, you will learn basic magic but be careful as you are a human and not a witch. Magic for humans takes from their life force and using to much magic will end up killing you.

Characters -
(DOC = Depends On Your Choice) | (RO = Romance Option)

Main Cast -
Gender: M/F (DOC)
Age: 25 | Age Look Like: 25
Species: Werewolf
-Funny, Talkative, Friendly, and Sweet

Gender: M/F (DOC)
Age: 348 | Age Look Like: 29
Species: Vampire
-Flirt, Smug, Impatient, and Protective

Gender: M/F (DOC)
Age: 39 | Age Look Like: 21
Species: Witch
-Sharp, Assertive, Capable, and Reserved

Astrumor (Nickname: Tru):
Gender: M/F (DOC)
Age: 83 | Age Look Like: 30
Species: Demon
-Quite, Deep, Gentle, and Kind

Gender: M/F (DOC)
Age: 870 | Age Look Like: 29
Species: God/Goddess
-Noble, Authoritative, Responsible, and Private

Support Cast -
Gender: M
Age: 38 Age Look Like: 38
Species: Human

Gender: F
Age: 35 Age Look Like: 35
Species: Human

Gender: M/F (DOC)
Age: 791 Age Look Like: 23
Species: Dragon
-Commanding, Gruff, Raspy, and Uncouth

Update: A new feature I will be adding to the game and that feature is Skills.

Skills -

Gun Aiming
Hand-to-Hand Combat (Weapons)
Magic Language
Magic Aiming


Notes you know have a place to put your notes when you are investigating.

UPDATE (6/20/18): Intro/ Prologue Done


So what are these creatures like? In the universe you’re planning I mean.

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I can date a dragon? I can date a dragon!


Finally a game I can truly be the thirsty pans hoe that I am. Gimme dat sexy dragon booty. I’ve waited all my life.

Edit: :ok_hand:t2::weary: and an age gap that is bigger than my ego. Ugh, praise you.


I totally love all the different creatures as ROs. And the plot sounds fun as well.

I’m pretty sure Defense is just a hybrid between Strength and Agility. You block with Strength or dodge with agility. There really isn’t anything else I could think of that would stray too far from that.

Why did you decide to make that its own category?

I’m assuming, strength would be dealing damage, agility would be dodging/dexterity stuff, and defense would be tanking the blows as is.


What I’m saying is wouldn’t “tanking the blows” fall under Strength? I understand the stat mechanically but logically and thematically speaking, it’s a bit confusing

Do you have an estimated release date for a demo?

Maybe, but it’s a pretty common, almost ubiquitous, choice in stat-based games, from D&D on down. Probably for balance reasons, so that a hard-hitting character isn’t automatically a heavily defended one.

Besides, I don’t think it’s implausible for someone to be really good at taking a punch and not going down, but not strong enough to throw a good punch themselves.

In games typical word use for stats pertaining to “the ability to withstand damage more easily” when applied to this genre are Endurance, Durability, and Fortitude tho it is less common than the first two.

Other applicable words include Hardiness, Toughness, and my personal favorite Resilience.

I really like the idea!!! :grin:

They are human shifters, so when meeting them they will look just like an ordinary human. They have two shifting stages so like a dragons first stage is when they still look human but have scales instead of skin and their second stage is when they turn into a dragon. Werewolves first stage is when they have canine teeth and have fur, the second stage is when they turn into a werewolf. Vampires just have one stage and that’s just when they grow fangs. Witches also have just one stage and that’s when their eye changes. Demons have no stages. God and Goddess have no stages.


Maybe within the next two weeks and it may be a little short demo.


Ok, I was just wondering.

Fantasy and non-human RO? I’m sold!

Sorry. I mean like instincts and cultures. Stuff like that.

Investigation, fantastic creatures and werewolf/dragon RO.
You have my attention. :grinning:
Jokes aside, the premise seem interesting. I’m very curious about this project.

The first question I usually ask on modern-fantasy games you answered already (yes, we can learn to use magic) so I’ll move on to my next question: Will we be able to fix that whole pesky “the MC is only human” during the course of the game?

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There is a secret in your family history that you can choose to embrace or just remain human but the choice is ultimately yours.