Supernatural P.I. Agency (WIP) (Prologue + Chapter One)

Was called Agency Of Otherworldly Protection: Awareness - Agency Of Otherworldly Protection: Awareness (WIP)

Description - In the story, you, a human, will take place in the modern world where no human knows about supernatural beings roaming with them. Hidden until you find them out.

Chapters and Preparation Necessary

Stats And Etc.

  • Organized Almost done


  • Introduction Of Your Protagonist And Customization. Done
  • Adding Key Choices Done
  • Adding To The Notes Not Started

Chapter One

  • Introduction of Romance Options And Learning Key Information About Your Main Character.Almost Done
  • Adding Key Choices Almost Done
  • Adding To The Notes File Not Started

Chapter Two

  • Learning About Your Heritage And Learning About Romance Options. Started

Not Started

Chapter Three

  • Real Introduction Of The Antagonist And Choosing Your Romance Option.

Chapter Four

  • Meeting Your Biological Parent And Learning A Dark Secret

Chapter Five/Epilogue

  • Show Off With Antagonist
Romance Options Characters

Main Cast -

  • Joshua/Jamie: He/She is 25 years old and a werewolf and an alpha no less, they have a well-built and athletic figure, they also have golden eyes, and their hair is salt and pepper. His/Her wolf form is larger than any normal werewolf due to them being an alpha, and like her hair in her human form is salt and pepper. His/Her personality is somewhat humorous but friendly, and they don’t focus on the negative and always lighten the mode. He/She is very talkative and sweet, and in their spare time, he/she likes to spend time with their friends… significant other.

  • Nathan/Nina: He/She is 348 years old, but fortunately they were a vampire and maintained the age when they died, which was 29. He/She is a vampire is well-built but slim, and their eyes are brown with a hint of red, and also have dark brown hair. His/Her personality is smug and impatient but is a protective and loyal person. He/She is a huge flirt and flaunts themselves around, but when he/she is in a committed relationship, they only have eyes for one.

  • Micheal/Mary: He/She, is a witch and is 39 years old, but has the magic to slow down their age and right now they look like they’re 21. He/She is slim, and a genius, their eyes are blue with a hint of green and have red hair. He/She personality is sharp and responsible, they’re a partyer, but when they’re with the team, they’re capable and ready. They don’t have time for decision making, they just with the flow, or so they thought.

  • Astrumor/(Nickname: Tru): He/She is a demon and very secretive especially about himself, no one doesn’t even know his age. He/She is about average but what they lack in muscle and slimness equal with their undoubted beauty, and their eyes are black, really black, along with their hair. His/Her personality is flirtatious and somewhat confident, and have witty comebacks though his/her only goal seems to get the MC in bed.

  • Shawn/Sandra: He/She is a god/goddess and is 870 years old, but has the will to change to whatever age he/she wants to look like, and it just happens to be 26. He/She is the full package handsome, beautiful, athletic, and a genius, their eyes are green with a hint of violet and have blond hair. He/She personality is noble and responsible, they’re a loner, but when in charge they’re a team player and authoritative. They don’t have time for romance and don’t see any need for it, but anything can happen.

Supporting Characters

Support Cast -
Lucas :
Gender: M
Age: 38 Age Look Like: 38
Species: Halfing (Human/Orc)

Mia :
Gender: F
Age: 35 Age Look Like: 35
Species: Halfing (Human/Fairy)

Calvin/Claire :
Gender: M/F (DOC)
Age: 791 Age Look Like: 23
Species: Dragon
-Commanding, Gruff, Raspy, and Uncouth

UPDATE (1/07/19 | Prologue - Chapter One Completed):



wow you did good job on this hope you keep on going

Bookmarked this! :smiley:

I knew this sound familiar! Way different intro than before! Still loving the ROs. :slight_smile:

Can we be a supernatural creature later or something

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Yeah, or stay human. The choice is ultimately yours.


A few spelling errors here and there but all in all I loved what you posted so far! Looking forward to more in future!:grin:

Sounds really interesting. I will watch this WIP it has really much potential

I really liked the starting, I’m just starting this but I’m already feeling kinda hooked to see what happens
but I do have some questions

  1. Is it mandatory for the MC to wear jeans or pants cause I noticed that was the only clothing options and I’m more a skirt kind of gal :sweat_smile: but if it is then that’s totally fine
  2. Is it OK if I tell you when I see any spelling errors?
  3. Ehh, I was wondering if the demo ends after that dude tells us to take us to our source cause after that that the game seems to stuck on infinite loading for me…
  4. Are you going to give a description of the ro, I find myself being really curious on how they look like.
    OOf this is getting kinda long but it’s a really start, good job!:laughing:
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Hey, I’m glad you’re enjoying the demo, and I’ll be pleased to answer your questions.

  1. No, jeans are not mandatory. I was going to ask you guys on more clothing options, cause I didn’t have much of imagination there. So please reply me some ideas.:grin:

  2. Yes, you can help me with spelling errors. It’s just me writing this HG, and I can’t see every mistake in it, so It’ll be great for you and others to let me know.

  3. Yes, that is the end. I forgot to put in the coding to end the demo after that sorry.

  4. I am, I can’t see the characters yet (which is aggravating, and makes me mad at myself). I probably going to play the sims just so I can know what they should look like. When I do I’ll throw a picture of them up here and write them in.

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions just ask. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Something I noticed is that you continuity errors throughout, however, I think the story interesting and I like basis for the characters you have laid down.

I found some pronounce errors


Ah! I’ll love to send any ideas I can think of. I’m no fashionista, lol, but I’ll try to help anyway I can. I’ll message them to you :grin:

Thank you, and I managed to fix some of those errors and I hope you continue playing my HG.

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Thank you for pointing those out, I’ve taken care of them, and they should be the proper pronouns now.

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Thank you, and I did put in an outfit with a skirt, hope you enjoy your character now.

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Great game small issue when i reached the base as a male they called me her.

Enjoyed the update immensely! I wonder what the deal with MC is :astonished: can’t wait to find out!

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Interesting story! Waiting for more :slightly_smiling_face:
Ah, I found some pronouns errors