Agency Of Otherworldly Protection: Awareness (WIP)

Sounds like a fascinating game.

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Well, they are really open minded beings and they have packs, coven, and etc. They are very protective of their groups and they have leaders for each group. They have treaties with other beings like the werewolves and vampires coexist with each other but that’s just about it. Some of them do mix with other befriend other beings but you’ll mostly see them butting heads and talking about who’s the better being.

I hope that helps.

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Looks like I’m finally going to get the older ROs I’ve always wanted. :joy: Seriously though, an interesting cast of characters. Will it be possible for bi MCs to simultaneously have female and male ROs in-game? Or is it one choice that decides the gender of all the ROs?

I want to make it so that the main character can be bi, but I’m still trying to figure out the coding but don’t fear once I do it will be added.


Can we become a creature like a first ever hybrid of werewolf and hellhound mixed together

Good news!!! Took some doing, but I did it I found the right codes to have males and females at the same time for our bisexuals. WooHoo!!!:rofl:


Awesome! Thanks to answering

Supernatural investigation is always fun. Color me intrigued.

Closest to answering my question without potential spoilers I guess. Thanks.

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I can’t believe I’m already almost done with the prologue. Though prologues are usually short, now it’s time for the long parts of writing CoG books. The chapters!!! Duh Duh Duh :disappointed_relieved:


I would appreciate it if you guys informed me if you notice some grammar error or etc. and I hope you enjoy the demo!!!:yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue:

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Got this

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No, you just went past the demo. It ends when the next button says “Next Chapter.” This demo only holds the Prologue. It may be short but the Prologue has different outcomes that gives a descriptions to the main characters so good luck getting them. :slight_smile:


There’s an error when choosing “I’m the district attorney”

Thanks for the notice. It’s been fixed it.:yum:

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The new and last character to Agency Of Otherworldly Protection is Catos Kane a necromancer and is the villain to your story.

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Will it be possible to be a good necromancer? Or would that not really be recommended?

All I can say is they are someone that believes in what they do, and nothing else matters.


Things are coming along well. Woohoo. Hope you guys are enjoying the demo.


I saw some errors in the new demo :


Idoit. Probably one of the people from the bar next door.” You hear an arrogant voice say as you slowly come to.

“Dante, have respect to the dead.” You hear another voice say, but this one sounded commanding. You furrow you brows and groan as you try to open your eyes.

“Um, Orus, I don’t think he dead.” Another voice this sounded sincere, you start to wonder how many is with you. It went quite for a while and you try to open eyes again but you couldn’t and ended up moving your head slightly

“Shit! How the hell is he alive. Any human should have died from all that magic.” Yet another voice this one sounded hyped, you started to feel irritated by the fact you couldn’t see who the hell was around you.

  • So it’s idiot of course.
  • I don’t think he is dead.
  • How the hell is he alive ?

“I’d see why not your charts say you’re a completely healthy person. Though, drink a lot of water and eat your daily meals of course.” He says as put his clipboard to his side and he holds his hand up for you to shake. You shake his hand and nod before walking around him and walking to the door.

  • as he put

There’s a reason this book is following you, and it probably won’t leave you alone until you figure out why. You walk back to the doctor and grab the book out his hand. “Thanks, Doc.” You say before walking out with the book in your hand. Sighing you look at the book while walking your way back to the office since your car was still at the Parlour Bar. It took little to no time as your office was close to the hospital, as you make your way into the office you sit the book on your desk and stare at it for a moment. What were you going to do with this?


  • And there is a having fun on the page. Fiestaaaaa ~.

One little thing : it was strange to pass from the choice of your animal to stop at the book. Plus, it was fun to hear the doctor say you didn’t take any drugs. (So what the hell is wrong with you ?) I totally heard the second phrase :joy:

But in both cases I enjoyed the demo ~. :heart: