Affairs of the Court

@Syndicate: It’s a blink-and-miss-it but paraphrased:

When you’re watching Juanita practice magic, it says ‘Now that she has reached adolescence, you can see she is indeed unusually skilled.’

You guys just wrote 5,000 words+.

@Firlodge well like I said, it might be possible but the story line would be vastly different, and unless more than one person showed interest in it, I doubt they’d add it in.

Can we marry Juanita in the next game?
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@Player: Even though that’s not technically incest, it’s still a bit creepy.

I married juanita off to sahra so now we are allies and I have one less enemy. Adelita has been kicked out of the kings bed. Also house Aguilar has fallen in severe disfavour with the court. The king is still smitten with me because I’m his best hunt companion and I managed to dispatch all my foes without killing anyone. Life is good.

I would love to see an option where you can betray your own wife/husband and secretly help Sahra overthrow the rulers of Iberia and take over!

I have a question.
Say I’m married Torres but I still becaume the king or queen lover.
When Torres died will there still be a way to married the king or queen? and what happend to the first kid that I have with the king or queen? will it still be like Tomas Reyes?

I prefer to marry Juanita off to a prince of Sahra.

Sure she hates me and my kid with a fierce fiery passion, but I play my character as actually caring about the Queen, killing her husband to get him out of the way is one thing, killing her kid is a very much another.

I was appalled with spreading rumors about the princess ends up with her getting executed.

Of course that means sending a hostile princess to marry a prince of a hostile neighbor, so it’s good thing it looks like the country will have wands of healing and semiautomatic fireball wands soon…

@stsword is the 69th commenter te he he…

@Legend_Dragon12 Good questions! Going in order:

  1. No, at least there wasn’t in Choice of Intrigue. I don’t know about the future.

  2. Your eldest child Ricardo is alive and recognized as the child of King/Queen Augustin(a), albeit an illegitimate one. Whether or not an illegitimate child can be legitimized after birth by marriage is an interesting question that the game doesn’t address. Either way it wouldn’t have much of an impact on the line of succession since he’s the wrong sort of mage to inherit the throne, and both Juanita and Tomas will have precedence, Juanita for being the eldest legitimate child, and Tomas for being a life mage child.

  3. Yes and no. Your eldest Ricardo is a bastard much like Tomas, but yours is a death mage while Tomas is a life mage. So Tomas has the stronger claim on the throne. If your second child Antonio turns out to be a life mage and becomes the heir, that would no doubt improve Ricardo’s status however, as full brother to the heir.

@stsword Every time I consider sparing Juanita I think about the tens of thousands of men, women and children likely to die in a war that she and the prince of Sahra will undoubtedly launch to claim “her throne” once Augustin(a) dies. I also consider the fact that she not only has threatened one of my character’s children, but will soon not only have the motive, but also the power to slay them from a distance using her potent death magic. It’s a tough decision.

Also, remember that regardless of life/death status, Tomas is older than any child you produce and thus, if they’re bastards, is ahead by default (though bastards technically aren’t in the line of succession).

@Ramidel I agree that Tomas is ahead by default since he is older than any child you produce. Nevertheless if Augustin(a) hasn’t yet declared an heir, your relationship is strong enough (RelKing>75), and Antonio is born a life mage, than Augustin(a) will skip over Tomas and declare Antonio the heir even if he is a bastard.

My character, Isabel de Flores, is pretty enough, though she will never be a charming, social butterfly. She is an academic sort, scholarly and talented in magic, starting out as blurting out whatever comes to mind but quickly learning at court to master the ways of subtlety.

The only time Isabel used brute force over subtelty was to force Ramirez to help her with the life mage potion. She suspected that he would demand something unsavory of her, likely involving her sister’s husband.

She does have the king and the kingdom’s interests at heart. She also needs to balance all that with protecting the interests of herself, her children, and House Flores. The compromise she reached with herself was having the king be the one to execute the Aguilar consort and Juanita so that he would not be so emotionally devastated. It helps greatly that her aims match with De Vega’s, so she works closely with him as a respected ally and friend.

Isabel is clinical and cooly objective in her scheming. While Isabel acknowledges that Juanita has every reason to hate her, she does not let that stop her from eliminating this loose end, with the added benefit of destroying Aguilar’s influence. The only concession Isabel will make is to soften the impact on the king and even then not to the extent of actually sparing Juanita. She has learned well that when you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die. There is no middle ground.

How do I get haunted mansion?

kay this is an honest question why when married to Torres Ricardo doesn’t have 50/50 chance to be Torres’? and when you have de Vega or de Mendosa as a lover and if Antonio dies and it says you will have more why don’t you? and it could be 50/50 as the child could be Gabriel’s or de Vega’s. Just saying cause it says you can have more kids but you don’t and when having an affair if you did have more kids would there be a chance of the babe being de Vega’s or de Mendosa’s or would it be the King’s again. Game seems to favor the King just saying.

Hi, I was playing Affair of the court choice of romance and at a certain time I read some comments saying that Torres and the Monarch will not be a possible romance near the end and only de Mendosa and de Vega are a choice but de Vega is only male. Is that true? Or de Vega can even be female?