Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



I felt a bit bad naming my promethean Bob and he said he liked it :joy: Oh well I have my badass balrog instead


Bug found after the Bertrand fight. After beating the guy:

Conjuration, Combat, Swiftness, Creation, Healing, and Spellcraft +1; Gainted title, “Seasoned Magician”

Checking my stats, I got +2 to each. What’s up with that?


Maybe you got 2 title? Battle mage?


I loved reading every moment of this. I can’t wait to see a full release.


I did. Point being, though, it announces the wrong stat increase.


Something weird in the game is that after you defeat the demon you can say you killed it to the media. The thing is if your title is Dark Crafter you’d say I’m the Dark Crafter and your mom say it’s a cool title. I wouldn’t want to tell the media and random people that I use dark magic.


Ah found that weird too. Trying to hide it but announcing to whole World. Cool title. Even the Hane like that too. Acting as if Dark Crafter an honourable title


Whoo~ Like the game very much… Kep up th good work waiting for the next update

By the way all my stas in magic is 30… except for creation, combat and swiftness I can do anything except close range combat :joy:

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