Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



Currently choosing between Danae or Morgana is like deciding which arm of us needs to be cut-off …Lol , but we still have plenty of time to think about it…


Technically we aren’t consider cheating on Danae even though we admit to have Romantic feeling with Morgana, saving and helping a friend is always approved by Danae…remember how Danae said our protagonist always like to help people the way we help her when she met Hane ?

and well, although with high relationship rating with Danae, the game still wrote her as our “friend” without letting us choose our feeling towards her yet… unlike the case of Morgana where we have option to declare our feeling towards her, and Danae hadn’t officially told us she regard us more than “friend” , but i suppose all these will change when our protagonist has a dinner with her family :smile:
However, i am more worry about Danae as compare to Morgana because Morgana seems to be able to take care herself quite well but Danae had stated that my character is the only motivation for her to work so hard in the academy…


Um, yea about Daena…
If you tell her that she is incredible, she will answers:
“This wasn’t possible without you, MC. I wouldn’t have been motivated if it weren’t for you.” So yea the only reason why she never give up was mc… it’s kind of romance to me :blush:… (they have like 14-15 years right?)
But I must admit - I thought that she is yandere-kind of character in my first playthrough. (after she joking about being jealous about hane, and chapter later - hane is ill and cannot join us on HER party)

About her power - she is one of the best student, without any power. MC was born this way and Morgana is basically a GMO (but cute one :wink: ) Just think about how powerfully she would be with her willpower, and mc/morgana potential? I dont know, maybe It’s because too much db/soul eater in my childhood, but if you ask me - she isn’t necessarily weaker then mc friends.

So yea - it’s not about what mc think about his friend, it’s about what his “friend” think about MC.


Yeah… agree with you

More ever, i think both Danae and Morgana trust our character very much, at the night where Danae exhausted her mana to perform the Light show to us, i heal her immediately and she just sleep peacefully on the floor, that show how much trust of her towards our main character and i was thinking i sit there, safe-guarding her for at least 7 hours without any sleep … sort of a romancing and touching scene as well

and as for Morgana, i believe she was missing from the academy for few days after our farewell since the completion of Promethean, and it was only logic that she fled with Anna during that course of period , fortifying within their house seemed a bad decision because they risk attracting more reinforcement from the mercenaries by staying put… but the way Morgana stay or turn back to save our character means she care about us very much, i am assuming Morgana turn back when she realised Bertrand didn’t pursuit her , she must had worried that Bertrand may use us as hostage… and it was a nice scene when Morgana still smiled at us while fighting Bertrand

Danae mentioned that her father is very protective of her, so i guess her father would be the first to kill us if we cheated on her daughter …Lol , that being said, the dinner with Danae’s family will be very interesting …i am embracing myself to be asked by Danae’s father “Are you serious with my daughter or are you just fooling around with her?:sunny:


I’m looking forward to meeting everyone’s families!


I absolutely love this so far!

I’m going to have to go back and play it through with each of the friends while I wait for more to be finished.



Thanks for finding this. I will fix this ASAP.


I noticed that you’re still using both sides of the opposed stats in your code. Again, that will lead to buggy behavior down the road. If you have Amity, Calmness and Intellect, then Hostility, Excitability and Intuition are implied to be the inverse of those.


the demon had left before he came



so far i only played it with danae do we get any diferent story for the other friends


I plan on fixing this down the line. For the moment, it will remain until I figure out how to implement a fix to this.


Yes! In fact, each friend has a unique storyline past Ch.1


Had this been updated or is it just fix and errors


It’s been mostly just fixes, although a slight rewrite to chapter 1 and 2 has been added. The scene where your school friend shows off their new powers was slightly changed in the new update.

Ch. 6 is still in progress.


Wow I forgot about this game… I love it to pieces thoooo


Loving this game! :grinning: :grinning::grinning:


I was playing the demo with Aron as a friend and I ran into this error: You spoke, "Well, despite his quiet nature, he’s actually really intelligent and hard-working. He managed to master $(fskill) because of his obsession with spellcrafting."
Just thought I’d give you a heads up! Great demo though!


Thanks for the support, everyone. Unfortunately, I am swamped with class and work this semester. I will not be able to continue the game until early summer at best. I apologize in advance.

Rest assured, this project is not dead. Just on a seasonal hiatus.


Beautiful. That blew me away. And im glad you made it possible for me to be a complete dark magic badass and still be a good guy!!! To you my dear writer, i tip my hat to you. PLEASE FINISH THIS GAME!!! MAKE PEOPLE PAY FOR IT OR SOMETHING I DONT MIND. Choice of games is like a drug and im completely adficted. I DO NOT DO DRUGS AND I DO NOT ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO THEM.