Across the Skies and Seas (WIP, short demo) Updated 7/8/16

Welcome to the world of Atlas.

A land of magic and technology,
Of mighty nations vying for supremacy,
A land filled with hidden dangers,
And vast, unexplored territory,
Promising wealth and eternal glory,
To those who are brave enough to explore…

A Travers Ciels et Mers!
Across the Skies and Seas!

Game Description:

Across the Skies and Seas is a game being developed by Team SNK which consists of Snowpanther, NeoHeartless and Knightstrike.

The game is set in the world of Atlas. You play as a senator from the nation of Napoles, delegated
to be the governor for a newly-established colony of the islands of Amorika.

Expect politics, magic, diplomacy, war, technology and much more.

Will you be brave enough to explore and seek eternal glory?

A Travers Ciels et Mers!
Across the Skies and Seas!


If you liked the game, or have questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!


looks really good! I can’t wait to see a demo!


Ahh, I’m a person in great power, great! I shall be implementing more of everything but the politics. Now, just waiting for the demo. :+1:


We are still world building right now, though we will soon begin to write.

We want the world, setting, plot, characters and features to be as enjoyable as possible for you all :wink:


I must say that this, will be one part of my world domination motto…thank you so much for your contribution​:smiling_imp::ok_hand::+1::v:

@Snowpanther is everywhere. I heard someone hacked her account and has put her as author on every WiP… so if you see her everywhere you know why…

In seriousness - be sure to keep your worlds separate kitty. Don’t cross them up in your writing :dolphin: ← I put it there cuz I know you were expecting it.

but your not expecting this…



Dropping a comment to bookmark this WiP. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Tallyho! :grin:


I’m already on board! :smile:

Good luck with the project.


I love the idea, but don’t really like the idea of having too much power.

Too much power? Can you explain what do you mean exactly?


I think what moon probably means is that we have a lot of power, as a senator and such. Power (control) over people, resources, stuff like that.

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Well, in paper it would seem you will have too much ‘power’.

But in reality, it will be hard work to run the colony. You will have to handle different issues and will encounter a lot of problems. There’s also an underlying reason for your appointment.

A bit of spoiler, you will have to deal with the Amorikan natives whether through diplomacy or warfare.


Ok, but still I just don’t like having power but that’s just me. And by power I mean power I mean as in leadership, but lots of magical powers sign me up!

This looks amazing!

Can’t wait for a demo to be released! :smiley:

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Thank you! :wink:

We are right now working on it. There are still details we need to think about, but much progress has been made already.

Can you specify what year this game is in?

Around the age of discovery. Around 15th century.

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I think I’ll like this. Waiting on the demo

Yes, but it’s in a fictional world.

slaps Quiet you!

I assume the mention of magic already shows that it’s in a fantasy world :stuck_out_tongue:

@Snowpanther can you edit in what type of world it is alongside the approximate age/technology level compared to the real world.