Project Legends: The Battlemage (WIP)

Sorry about that! guess i missed that part of the rules! edited my post. thanks for the welcome!


Just a quick question to people. Considering this is a fantasy world and no doubt there is going to be a lot of new technology, phrases, slang, etc etc.

How do you want new concepts/items to be introduced? Would you prefer there be a reference page that you can look at, or for the in-game text to give a description of the item? Or some mix of it all?

  • Reference Page Only
  • Reference Page and Brief Description when first introduced
  • Brief Description Only
  • Other

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Thanks to everyone that voted. Looks like I’m going with a reference page alongside a brief description.

Your skill at spotting my typos is always valuable, so thank again thank you!

@LckyLrkr Thanks for pointing out those errors. Some of the gender mishaps is because of my coding. I didn’t properly code certain things so sometimes it gives the female or male gender descriptor rather than the one you actually chose.

Never thought about going against your house magic. Maybe that can tie into some certain plotlines I have in mind Cue schemeing manical laugh- Oh wait that’s not my thing.

I am going to flesh our Max/Maxxie more. He/She will have their own side plot, quests, etc, and will play a part of the main story. No whether that role is beneficial or detrimental for you… shrugs

As for the scene with the Val’Shuun it’s meant for the “common” Val’Shuun to retreat, because the Val’Shuun leader basically decided “I’m just gonna beat all of them up by myself. The rest of you retreat and witness my glory”

@chrisbat True it’s hard to know what to study, but I plan on having all options be viable (maybe be the ultimate pacifist? Now that’d be something considering the amount of things I have planned…)
I wanted that to be a little pre-academy study time. You choose what you deem important or useful to yourself, and if the academy lecturers say you’re wrong, you don’t have to follow their rules (granted they’ll probably fail you. Or not depending on certain choices…)

In the academy you’ll have a more structured form of studying and classes that you attend that will increase skills, and give a better knowledge of the world and it’s inhabitants. Now whether or not you try to study or ogle at the guys and gals in your class is up to you…


In the academy you’ll have a more structured form of studying and classes that you attend that will increase skills, and give a better knowledge of the world and it’s inhabitants. Now whether or not you try to study or ogle at the guys and gals in your class is up to you…

how will you train your house magic in the academy ? because is house magic not magic that only your family can use or is more a magic that is inherited and that multiple families have the same one?

You have the option to train now, and your parents are going to show you some more advanced training practices for it, because spoilers.

Just wanted to point out that Across the Skies and Seas a project I am working as a member of Team SNK which also includes @KnightStrike and @Snowpanther has gotten it’s prologue up.

Thread of Across

Demo of Across

While you’re waiting for the next update of The Legend of the Battle Mage you can play the demo of Across as well!


I love it so far :slight_smile: I’m excited to see how Max’s character develops alongside my own. Also excited to see the consequences of the dreams my MC has been having…

I’ve been expanding on Max/Maxxie’s story quite a bit, so now he/she will have his/her own side quests. Quite a few of them too. Not sure how many I’ll have in the first book though. Maybe 2 tops.


Are you still going to use the logo I made?


It’s in the new update that will be pushed soon. Might just push the update for both Battlemsge and Across at the same time if that’s fine with you @Knightstrike should both be ready in a day or two.

(Coding bugs. Never code when you’re half-asleep.)

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It’s like 8:20pm in the East Coast right? How can you be half-asleep during that time?

I always code when I’m half asleep. I’m forever sleepy.

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Phew, progress is in overdrive for the Battlemage again :stuck_out_tongue:

Been fixing a lot of the mistakes pointed out that I’ve yet to do. Again thanks to those who have pointed them out!

Also a question. When you’re in the training room… would you like an option to be lazy? Purely aesthetic really and honestly just harming yourself in the long run since you’re not training. The reason why I’m asking is because in life sometimes people choose to do nothing, because they’re tired, lazy, not in the mood, a variety of reasons really.

Or would you prefer I added it in, but it had some effect on gameplay like recovering HP etc etc.

Or just don’t add the option to be lazy all together.

  • Yes! Add in a lazy option even if it doesn’t do much. My inner lazy self is calling!
  • Add in a lazy option, but it should be integral to some stats or game play mechanic.
  • No, don’t add in the lazy option. Bad Neo!

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Also. Don’t choose the last option just so you can choose Bad Neo :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s tempting I know.

Yeah, being lazy should be a choice. Hahaha

But there should also be an effect.

I guess Jeeve’s punch will take away most of your health and now you must rest for days before you’re recovered. Oh woe is the mage. A single punch crippling him/her so…

That was a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

All this talk about “being lazy” and “recovery” wants me to scream - “You are not doing the world a favor by making more little yous, running around.”

Just a thought. :dragon_face:

The world would be great with more me.

Just imagine it…

Well at least It’s not more @Nathan_Faxon.

But anyways… If I add in something like a rest option then I’ll probably add in more importance to health and mana, and possibly a stress stat like @JimD does too…

Actually I’ve been tinkering with the idea of a hard mode. Adding in my degrading stats code (if you don’t train something it’ll automatically decrease over time…), and stress, mana and health management…

So then another poll.
Would you play a hard mode version of a game? First yes it would be completely optional, and 2nd so far ideas I would have for it are stats that decrease if you don’t train them, you have to watch your health, mana, and stamina or else badend, have to rest to recover health, mana, and stamina.

That’s the barebones for a hard mode I’m thinking of with more that will probably be added, but again completely optional that would be selected in the beginning.

  • Yes, I would play a Hard mode version
  • No, I wouldn’t but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add one for others.
  • No, don’t ever add in a hard more!

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I won’t mind. I mean I enjoy Dark Souls, and that’s as Hard Mode as you can get. Hahaha

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Like when I had a small fall that was only about 1 inch. And died.

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I suppose I should have a good look at this WIP, ne? As best time allows me.

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