Academy of Arcana [WIP, Demo, Updated 22/04/2019] H*I*A*T*U*S (because: reasons)

I’ll be looking forward for more sasha action

Is the fight against the dummy supposed to take so long? I think I spent 5-10 mins on it…

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I am still on it for a month now and not done… somehow every spell misses

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Was this the error you received? I’ll see to fixing it, thanks for pointing it out.

I’ve taken to working on the framework, primarily, and I think the demo will be scrapped in favour of a newer version where things work and make sense just a little better than it currently does. One of the big things I plan on implementing is Random Character Generation, so if you’d like to help with smoothing the name generation, please take a look at:

Any input and suggestions would be muchly appreciated. :two_hearts:


If perhaps you’d like to help speed this process along slightly, your help could be used on this discussion about creating Dynamic Arrays in CS.

Or maybe you could just tell me that it’s simply not possible.

Its great that after such a long time you haven’t abandoned it, but what I want to ask is about fighting. If we fight are we only going to be able to use the magic attacks of the classes(?) (Like Numerology, Runeism etc. I forgot what its called) after we have learned them. As in, it would be better if we learned as much as possible before engaging in a fight.

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The combat system is going to be revamped completely, and hopefully it’ll be tremendously less tedious.

the new idea (which, let’'s be honest, might not work either) is that fro the start you’ll be able to use any school of magic (numerology, runism, etc) and all it’s spells from the start, but they’ll get better as you use and practise them. So, an inexperienced Tarot user would often misdirect or mess up tarot spells, but learn from every mistake.

Inspired by this post: in which failure lets you learn more, but still has consequences you need to deal with. I’m looking into a system which incorporates fairmath and un-fairmath, but that’s only much further down the line.

If you have any suggestions for how you think combat, skills and schools of magic should work, I’d love to take a look at them all, so feel to share.:two_hearts:


I think that if you could use all spells from the start it would be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. And I personally, love discovering the different types of spells for each gift (That means learning about it in the archives, trying it out in the spheres and then using it in battle.) I mean where is the fun in discovering all the different ways in which you can use your gift, if you can use them all from the start :slightly_smiling_face:. But, what I find great is that we get better/stronger with a spell the more we practice it.


Would it be possible to become a primogen?

Honestly, the thought never crossed my mind. I’d have to give it some consideration:

Reasons why it should be a thing:

  • Free exploration and doing what you want to is literally the point of the game.
  • There’s three years of in-game time. You could probably become respected enough to be a primogen.
  • Unique opportunities and interesting situations.

Reasons why it shouldn’t:

  • Coding it sounds like such a hassle,
  • It probably wouldn’t serve a purpose in the story or for the character.
  • It would likely only happen after the main story ends, at which point there is considerably lesss driving force and less reason to play the game? Potentially? Who knows. There could be more reasons to play the game, I guess.

I like the idea and I’ll give it some serious thought, though. Thanks! :two_hearts::rose:


thanks to you for considering it

May I ask what is a primogen? I googled it but it show so many different answers.

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A’El sighs and runs a hand down her face. “Oh, boy. You really are clueless, aren’t you? Pretty much all you need to know is that the leader of an enclave - a group of mages with the same gift - is called a Primogenitor. I’m a Primogen for the Entropists. Exeter is Primogen to the Guild of Flames. You’ll meet your Primogen at orientation. Show us respect and you’ll be fine.”

Primogenitors are historically the first ancestors of a species or group. Here, they are the leaders that teach the values of those ancestors. I have taken some liberties in its actual definition, so the confusion is understandable.


How old is the mc?

Maybe becoming primogen it work best as an epilogue of some kind if you reach certain criteria

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Infamous Return, Pt II


What year is it?
Oh, my. Oh my!
Okay, this is fine. This is okay. No worries.

There has been a major update to the game.

Other people actually exist now, and my cool new name generator makes them random, every time. Yes, that’s right! Every playthrough promises up to 100 new people*, with new personalities, schedules, goals and dreams. (Right now they only have random names. :frowning: Oh, and you can’t actually talk to them? What even was the point of this update?) You can find people by selecting the ‘See who’s around’ option. Maybe you’ll meet somebody.

*100 new people, at the moment. If that’s too few later on, we can ramp that up to as far as ChoiceScript is willing to deal with it.

But, they do like to move around and do things. Every day they’ll spend at a different place. Or maybe the same place. Who knows? Imaginary people are so unpredictable.

With this comes the caveat that I haven’t actually done anything else. That magic system that screws me over everytime I look at the code? It’s still there. That epic adventure we’ve been waiting for? Uhm, yes. We’ll get to that, eventually… probably.

But what this fervent obsession of mine has provided is evident direction. I now have half a plan on how to move forward. It goes as such:

  • Finish people. Make them fully fleshed out. Let them have hobbies, personalities, skills and whatnot, in addition to letting the player actually interact with them like humans (if the player so chooses, of course.)
  • Finish the first few gameplay scenes. So far it’s a really long introduction to absolutely no game content. We can fix that.
  • Have an internal debate about redoing all the magic mechanics. Cry.
  • Scenes, scenes, scenes. So, my major problem (ignoring the abovementioned) is that the game has this wonderful weather and calendar system, that spans the entirety of three years. That’s a lot of time to do nothing. And the exciting bits are also really only supposed to happen a few months down the line. An evident solution is to flood it with extra content, other storylines, quests, and a world full of events. (I can probably guarantee right now that this will either be the greatest thing ever, or the greatest waste of time ever, but there is only one way to find out.)

So, given that these are my goals for the foreseeable future, I’d very much like your help with suggestions of things you’d like to be able to do (and do NOW!), so I can at least push out some playable content while I fight the ghosts of my own design.

I thank you very much for your time, and have a fun time.

[Note: I do not recommend touching the Goto Scene option in the stats menu. IT makes things not work sometimes, unless you go directly to the Academy Hub, because that’s where everything happens from. The weather, the people, their movements, the date, the everything.]


something that I would love is more books in the library explaining the different schools if its not too complicated :slight_smile:. And welcome back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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