Abnormal (Work in Progress)

Thanks, I was a little worried if I was explaining that correctly. I’m glad your enjoying it so far!

Yeah, that could be easily missed. June’s referencing the way Denzel’s dad died. At the beginning it mentions that Denzel’s father died saving the MC’s dad. So when she says the MC’s trying to be like his/her dad, she’s saying that the MC’s dad got Denzel’s dad killed and you almost got Lonzo/Daniel killed.

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Oooooh gotcha, thanks sorry i missed that I was like “nice i did a good job” then everyone was being mean to my character lol. claps my hands together guess a bitter and quiet character it is for me to play then.

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Lol, don’t worry about it. Yeah, June’s just a bitchy character overall, and Ms. Cooper was just caught up in the moment of almost losing her son. You will recieve an apology from her later if everyone survives. I personally like the darker paths, they’re easier for me to write. But I also like the drama. :smiley:

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Another small update! Word count has increased from 47,642 to 51,735.

I’ve added…
More character customization… This part was added a few days ago.
Another scene in the Denzel/Lonzo path.
Descriptions of fellow new recruits.

Denzel Pierson

Denzel Pierson

Denzel has wild, black, unruly hair. He is sarcastic, witty, fun, and also a bit of a prankster. Like you, he’s eighteen. He is fiercely loyal to those he loves and cares for. Denzel can be impulsive and often throws caution to the wind, often to the detriment of his own safety and to the safety of others. His dad was one of the five casualties that your community has had in over ten years.

Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper

Daniel, who’s a year older than you, has shaggy brown hair, and is prone to being more sloppy and unkempt. He can be cocky, but in a playful sort of way. He joined The Protectors on a whim, and doesn’t take his responsibilities that seriously.

Joseph Sherman

Joseph Sherman

Joseph, the youngest of the new recruits, has short blonde hair. He’s neat and cares intensely about his appearance. He’s proud to be part of The Protectors and takes his job very seriously. Some of his fellow new recruits call him a “suck up”, and has a black and white view of the world. His grandmother, Sharon raised him.

Gemma Lambert

Gemma Lambert

Two words to describe Gemma, “childish” and “blunt”. She is shorter than average, with brunette hair. She always wears her baseball cap and carries two pairs of scissors that’s attached to each side of her waist.

June Guerra

June Guerra

June, along with her twin brother, Hector are the only ones around their age that weren’t’t born in your community. They were found by Patrick and Maya in the woods when they were seven. Unknown to what happened to their parents, Maya took them in. The only thing she has left of her mother is a necklace.

She’s taller than average, and keeps her pitch-black hair short. She has a rough exterior and hides her emotions.

Hector Guerra

Hector Guerra

Hector, along with his twin sister, June are the only ones around their age that weren’t born in your community. They were found by Patrick and Maya in the woods when they were seven. Unknown to what happened to their parents, Maya took them in.

He has pitch-black hair that goes down to his shoulders. He is known to be level headed, quiet. and protective of his sister.

Kye Burton

Kye Burton

Kye, has longer red hair. She keeps it in a side ponytail, and wears baggy clothes. She has been described a bit of a tomboy and always tries to keep a positive attitude.


Another update! Word count is now 55,433!

This update pretty much finishes the Meeting scene in the Denzel friend path. I also fixed a few minor things.


I just encountered this error :sweat_smile:

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Oops! Thanks, I think it should be fixed now.

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I just wanted some thoughts about a few things.

I’m still trying to get a feel of the cast. Mainly Joe. I was thinking of “toning him down.” What do you think of the little you seen of him? Who’s your favorite character?

Also… (Spoilers for the Daniel/Lonzo timed scene)

Who died in your first playthrough? Daniel, Lonzo, Neither, or both. Did you leave anyone behind?

Gameplay wise… I was planning on including inventory management, but am now thinking of doing “Daily Missions.” Every day there would be tasks that will greatly affect the overall story.

Right now I’m working on what I call the “Lazy Path.” Which is the “Don’t tell” and “Take Break” options.

Just sharing some thoughts :slight_smile:



This update includes…

-Grammar fixes

-I made Joseph a less whining, added more dialog with him and Daniel.

-If you don’t feel like babysitting, I just added a couple scenes for those that refuse to. (Scene cuts abruptly, right before a new Timed Cut Scene. It will be in the next update!)

-Playing a less than motivated character? The take break path has a few added scenes. (This scene ends abruptly too. and will also include a new Timed Cut Scene. It will also be on the next update.)

-There’s a few minor variations within those scenes as well!

-Word count: 63,338

I decided to add a poll… (Spoilers for the Daniel/Lonzo timed scene.)

I’m not sure how to hide a spoiler on a poll, so you can check out the poll on my Tumblr (Updated link).


Just a quick update so the forum won’t close. I haven’t had much time to write lately, sorry! Just alot of stuff going on, but I am still working on it. The next update will be a complete chapter, and for those that liked the timed scene there will be three different ones, “Hector/June”, “Hector/Maya”, and “Kye/Warner” along with the Daniiel/Lonzo one.


Sorry, for responding so late! I’m going to try to write some this weekend. I have been super busy with work, and planning a wedding! I have written most of Hector/Maya cut scene so far. I’m sorry it’s taking so long.


don’t worry about it taking a while, I’m just glad to hear its still being worked on

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Thanks! I’m glad to hear some still want it to be worked on! :slight_smile:


Update! (Finally!)
Firstly, I just want to say sorry for getting this out so late. I haven’t much time to write.
I haven’t finished all of Day one paths, but I wanted to get something out since it’s been so long.

Anyway, this update has the following:

-A new conversation has been added in the beginning, when you first meet Denzel.

-You now can refuse to babysit Lonzo.

-A new timed cutscene, if you run after the figure.

-Not running after the figure does have some written, but doesn’t have the timed scene written yet.

-The take a break/don’t tell about the backpack also has a little written. Timed scene is also not written yet.

Next update I’ll have the rest of the paths finished for Day One.

Thanks for reading! <3


Yes, I’m old. But this always pops into my head when I see the word.


Yeah, I just asked my boyfriend if he knew the reference. I never seen Young Frankenstein. He explained it, lol.


My uncle showed it to me when I was like 10

Mel brooks movies really formed the basis of my comedy later on I guess

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Is it sad that I don’t know who Mel Brooks is?

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