A Wizards Tale

I have started my first game and I am hosting it at Dashingdon, who is most awesome for creating that free venue for us - thank you so much.

The link to my game is https://dashingdon.com/play/silversurfer/my-game/mygame/

I will update as often as I can and welcome all constructive criticism. Praise is cool, but empty praise doesn’t help me develop. Seriously - I am very thick skinned and value all honest opinions. Trolls need not apply - I am better at it than you are anyway and would probably just make you cry - just kidding.

Anyway, thanks in advance for all your help. I am brand new here and already you guys have been awesome.


Found this. Is the demo supposed to end here?

Yeah it ends at the 404 error. I would recommend using *ending instead of *finish if the next chapter file doesn’t exist, just so it ends without an error.

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Okay, I think I fixed it. For some reason DashingDon handles the ending differently than the editor that I got from the tutorial. I think maybe the tutorial defaults to endings not handled just so, and maybe DashingDon doesn’t. Either way, they are both acting the same at the moment. Let me know if it works on your end.


how about a summary and informations up there about the demo ? like what kind of romances if any, what is the story about , do we get a cat ? …etc .


This is an extremely short demo… can’t provide any meaningful feedback besides the fact it seems to be well written and with little to no grammatical lapses (that I’ve seen anyway). Also, the stat screen seems to be broken, same error as the one reported by Vashnik (if you haven’t gotten around to it yet then feel free to disregard this).


Okay, so yeah I haven’t even created the stat screen yet. I will post when it should be working. Actually, I just started writing this today so there isn’t much to see. I posted this early because I honestly didn’t think I would get this much interest right off the bat - so thanks heaps to all of you that are already commenting.

Also, a summary is an excellent idea.

You will play as the Wizard and you will have a party of three companions. Each companion contributes unique benefits to the group - one of which will be comic relief.

You will choose some basic starting stats and have certain magical abilities - a total of 12 to choose from. Abilities can be leveled up but you won’t ever be given enough points to specialize in all the magical abilities so will you have to focus on one or two types.

There is a mysterious character whose true identity and purpose won’t be revealed until the end of the game, but you will see her several times along the way.

There will be villages you travel through where you can purchase items from merchants, and sleep at inns to rest. You can even do odd jobs to gain extra money, 'cause side quests are awesome. However, there will be a ticking clock as well.

Dieing will be just like in video games - you start over at the last save. Except the last save will be the last time you rested - it was all just a dream. But it will be a dream that cost you a day. The game ends when either the foe is defeated, or you run out of time.

You will be able to romance the three companions. One is easy - kind of a ho. One is medium - run a good con and even if you aren’t sincere you can fake it awhile. One will be hard - you have to mean what you say and you have to say it only to them.

All three companions can be either male or female. Not a flip though - you will choose between two different characters and each one has different base abilities.

You can name yourself, name your companions, choose your gender and your orientation. I am so old fashioned I just now found about the word “woke” and apparently that is not used anymore. However, my daughter is 17 and up to date, so I have a consultant.

Thanks again for all the comments, and I will be sure to let you guys know every time there is something new to see.


Uh…you can y’know edit your 1st post and put all that stuff there :grinning:

Can we play something else then a wizard ? or the wizard is part of the story plan ?

And when you say Wizard (and seeing the whole rpg stuff below), do you mean Wizard…Mage D&D like…gotta hit the book to learn spell, or Sorc who can spam spell but are limited…

Ohhh how about the necro school ?

depand…if you send us to go kill 100 goblins or wolf…thats a Fedex quest…and ew lol

That maybe just me…but I hate Timer .

Not…really appealing…from the description . One is insulted from the get go :sweat_smile: one will take all my Loot ! and another want me to whisper in their ears…everything!

can we kill them ?

what ?

I would like to be able to kill someone :no_mouth::sweat_smile:

I think we type in a name for the companions. I know, my first thought was “we can do that?”, but then I realized that code wise it’s no different than typing in your own name and I have to wonder why I haven’t seen this done before.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet.

But yeah, I get what you’re saying. Although, it could be fun to name the characters we don’t like after people we don’t care for in real life on a second play through. :smirk:


because…usually when a game let you name your companions, it mean they are mindless drone with no personality . At least, from memory…the only game I remember where you could do that was in Icewind dale . Create 5 characters, name them…and they act mostly like mule to carry your stuff and never say a word .

I hope we get the option to ‘Go for their default’ names , cose I can name my mc…

But…I for one don’t feel okay naming a companion . They should come with their own names…


The secretary is not the MC’s aunt, right? Seems confusing when the MC for some reason acts like she is

And you can’t tell your favorite Aunt no

And then she’s grouped up as if she is

make this process a little simpler on poor Aunt Talia / Mrs. Aragon.

No, the secretary is not the Aunt. This is a play on words similar to the principle of personification.

Update - I just finished chapter one and the stats pages. Everything is live on the DashingDon site now and ready to be previewed.

The new update takes you through stat selection and leaves you prepared to leave the Academy and venture out into the real world - where you will choose your companions and form your little group.

In chapter two you will meet a host of characters in Fort Holcombe. You will experience the basic mechanics of fight scenes, you will interact with merchants, you will meet a mysterious benefactor, and you will find out in which direction you should begin your journey into the unknown.

At the end of Chapter two, the clock will start ticking and you have a limited number of days to complete the quest and defeat that bad guy.


I have uploaded the first half of Chapter Two. You can go name your Dwarf now.

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Chapter two is done, and I have started working on fight scenes with the beginning of Chapter 3.
So far the only option that works is to automate everyone. And I finally got around to a little more actual story.


Well the fight sequence is basically done. I tried to use the dialogue in the fighting sequence to create a story, as much as can be done. So it’s not gonna read

You hit him.
He hit you.

Would you like to fight or run?
You win.

Not to be disparaging to people who do that, but a large portion of the story is being told through the actual playing of the game, and the fight sequences have to tell the story also.

Anyway, let me know if you find any bugs. The game is finally getting to the point where there is stuff to actually test now.



Hey, was playing through the update and i caught a bug.

You are a female Wizard, named Angelique and you hail from House Lalu. You prefer to carry a $!"{weapon}, and you are only attracted to guys.

Awesome, thanks.

I fixed it.