A Witch's Path (WIP)



So no one has any powers they want to recommend??? Nows probably the only time I’ll be considering swapping one power for another. So if you have a idea for a defensive power that you think I might like suggest it.
lol I was thinking of adding Blood Armor as the power but scratched it. Didn’t work with the fight scenes.


2. Defensive adaptation
3. Soul armor
4. Mind shield
5. Chameleon
6. Switch (changing places with someone you can see)
7. Body transferral
9. gravity manipulation


Lol half of those are being used by ROs


Spectral weapons.
Physical enhancements and augmentation.


Make swords and stuff out of magic and use them to bash people’s heads in or hack them off


The spectral weapons seem more like an active power. And what is augmentation?

Lol your Knight has that ability.

Can you explain what they do prease :blush:


Blood armor would be cool. The more bloody the fight gets, the stronger you get.


That would be cool. I would be like gambit. Almost.


Time manipulation


Yah that’s what I thought too like at first the MC uses their own blood to just cover their arms or make a small shield.

Zack a RO has those powers so wouldn’t work unfortunately but good suggestion.

Perception and time manipulation already a choice for passive and defensive power. And glammer is a ability your MCs familiar has.


…Steel Skin? Immovable? Phasing? Danger Warning,
Force Field Projection, Invisibility, flight?


Fade walking? Like becoming ethereal in Skyrim or fade step/ ice step in Dragon Age Inquisition?


Yes ice step! Or even lightning step or fire step. Or we could do the thing where sera throws a chemical concoction onto her body to form like an ice skin or fire. But instead of a chemical it would be our own power.


Hmmmm that’s interesting? A demon pounces at the MC so the MC fades into a world like ours but grey and bleak to dodge the demon then move away to attack after stepping back into their world. Interesting…


The fade world would look cool if it looked like a film negative. Like this:


like when Frodo use the ring of power.


As long as it ain’t vomit green colored I’m happy :wink:


Exactly like that and everyone will phase through you.


Lol no it’ll be more like silent hill ash grey.


Frodo…Frodo Baggins. come on! even I know who the guy is and I haven’t seen the movies (my ex girlfriend like the movies and books)


It’d be cool if the description varied based on your active power :thinking:

Ex: If your active is Pyrokinesis it’d look like a realm made of fire; if it’s Guardian Materialization it’d look like a shadow plane; if it’s Pain Illusion it’d look like a place filled with tormented souls, etc… :thinking: