A Witch's Path (WIP)



Not the person that kisses you lol.


I’d find that very interesting but I feel bad for the person who dies… for a few seconds then go on a mass kissing spree sharing the love :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Lol then witch hunters show up cuz it’s suspicious that so many people died that way in one place lol.


Doesn’t this kinda dampen your plans for Nate? Or are you killing him off first thing now?


True which is why I’m still debating on adding it.


It’s an interesting idea. How soon would this be, because I can imagine someone who might have killed or injured there bullies and then regretting that action being traumatized if they accidentally killed someone with their powers. Maybe they start hating there powers, and try to find away to get rid of them.


If you’re asking after a demo errr… It’ll be ready when it’s ready ¯_(ツ)_/¯ don’t worry about it.


I’m sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. I was talking about the Black Widow Magic. I wasn’t talking about a demo at all, I meant when would this happen in the story


@OracleD3: I would suggest that you probably shouldn’t have this “kiss of death” power unless you want the entire story to be about the “kiss of death” power. I mean, you may want that, in which case, that’s fine, but as you haven’t mentioned it before, I’m guessing it’s just a recent idea you had. It’s certainly an interesting idea to explore, but I’d say that it would need its own story, separate from this one.

Also, I shouldn’t complain, but it does rather add an implicit bias in favour of Solem fans. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree with @ParrotWatcher - the more powerful a power overall the more it has a chance of dominating the story.

Mechanics are going to experience stat inflation over time as it is but with more powerful powers you will find it harder and harder to balance over time.


I really, really don’t want that for my mc, it would render his new and improved looks absolutely worthless, since he cannot get physically involved with anybody anyway. In his old life no one wanted to be near the mc due in part to their repulsive looks, but now nobody in the magical community would want to get involved with the mc, because they know its a literal death sentence and no one but an exceptionally cruel and callous mc could get involved with the non-magical people because they’d be condemning them to a death sentence. One curse is quite enough for my mc and particularly given the kind of life he’s had up until that magical “accident” I think the poor guy would deserve some physical intimacy for once.
By the way how did their mom and dad make the mc, or did dad die horribly during copulation?

Yeah, that would lead to my poor mc having just as miserable of a school life in his new situation as he did in his old one, particularly when combined with not getting to choose our own clothes it would kind of render the new and improved looks completely worthless.
Legally it would also make the mc into a murderer (well manslaughterer if you want to get really technical) but ultimately lack of control is not a valid legal excuse, unless it’s a form of insanity.

It does, and my mc doesn’t really like Solem romantically, he’s more likely to be a fan of both art-club boys, Zack and Thomas.
Honestly I’m hoping he can have a poly relationship with both of them eventually because from the way they’re written it already seems like Thom and Zack have a huge “foe-yay” infatuation with each-other already even without the mc in the picture.:wink:

Lastly teenagers (and adults too) sometimes simply want nothing more then a bit of fun and a good time, or a “one night stand” if you’re less poetic about it. Only being able to be intimate with your “one true” love would be awfully boring, imo. Also because that implies that even with that one “true” love lifelong monogamy is the gold standard, and despite social and religious ideals I’m not convinced that’s how it works for a lot of us.


i vote no to this power


Don’t worry guys after juggling the idea for a few days I realized it was just a hunch idea not a great idea. What that means is I thought it was a good idea at first but quickly realized it wasn’t as good as I first thought. lol would have messed with my plans for the RO if I add it.
So Black Widow Magic will not be a thing…for now lol. Might give it to a future character or the MC in a later book. So beware you might kiss your RO in book 2 and kill them lol.

Lol no they conceived you naturally your parents just mastered their powers so they could kiss and stuff. Plus I guess your mom must have really liked your dad if she allowed him to be around her lol.


Hey guys so recently I have been rethinking 2 of the defensive powers: Portal Creation and Teleporting I kinda feel like they are the same thing just cosmetically different. Fill free to tell me if you disagree tho. Cuz I’ve been binge watching Charmed it’s the show that made me add teleporting, telekinesis, and other powers in this story. Long story short the character Paige who can teleport can also teleport objects and attacks to send them back at enemies, which is what portal creation was ment for. Here’s a video of teleporting used as reflective way:

Let me know your thoughts and also fill free to suggest a power if I love it I could use it and replace either teleporting or portal creation.
Also what do you girls think of this outfit as a option for your MCto wear:



Second dress is cuter :blush:
I think the powers are fine as they are… Unless I’m mistaken teleport is only for you and maybe something you’re holding right? While portal creation would be well… portals :thinking:. But if you want to remove one I vote that portal creation stays, it looks cooler to me :thumbsup:


If you were to remove one I vote portals, teleporting sounds quicker.


I think you should keep teleportation


I think portals, which are really friggin’ awesome wormholes/singularities should be kept, they’re far more versatile then just personal teleportation. On the flipside teleportation, because it is less diverse and basically just a plot device to skip boring movement sequences akin to Star Trek’s transporter would probably be easier to write for the author, even if it is potentially far less awesome for the player.


I thought Paige was half angel?


Yah half angel half witch but I count there power as teleporting