A Witch's Path (WIP)



Can’t we just, y’know, let her swallow it? I’m rather curious myself :thinking:






Cool. We get the black knight, later a powerful Shield maiden and we get to be boss witches! :smiley::ok_hand:


Man, now I’m unsure. I wanted to be friends with Katie, but now I want to try to befriend Amelia and help her become a better person. I’m so torn right now.


Leopold Sacher-Masoch just contacted me from beyond the grave. He’d like to challenge you to a duel. First person to actively resist an attack loses. :stuck_out_tongue:


The song which my witch uses to get people to join the secret coven XD


Been thinking hmmmmm :expressionless:
Thinking of giving the MC the power of Black Widow Magic thanks to their moms power of Fatal Touch
Black Widow Magic is basically if someone try’s to kiss you…or more :blush:(perverts lol) they will die a painful death…during not after lol. Thinking this might bring in the relationship drama lol l would post a video of the power but… you know lol just look up American Horror Story Coven Zoe Black Widow magic
And let me know if this will bring in the drama for your MC lol


My MC would be fucking miserable.

How will she go for the booty if it all dies?


Exactly lol see drama. So that’s the debate lol


I think my mc’s name just became Romeo or Juliet.


Wait wait, so Amelia could kiss us just for fun, then transfer it to us?


Solem would still be immune, right? :worried:


Yes to both of you lol.


How come everyone’s powers seem to override ours?


It’s the power of love…for evil


Depends on your choice of powers. If you can’t physically harm Amelia why not harm her spirit??? She only transfers physical pain so if your Knight harms only her spirit she will pass out from exhaustion maybe.


What if I inject anesthetic on her, would her powers works against physical attacks?


That is so evil!!! :tired_face: