A Witch's Path (WIP)



Ok so I’m still debating whether or not to make this a thing but right now I’m leaning in favor of it. If you disagree now is a good time to voice it before I make a final decision yo


You said she’d transfer pain illusion to us and that’s the only one that could really hurt mentally… besides apparently the knight somehow…

I do not want to die from Amelia forcing anything on me. I believe @Ylva agrees.

Nate’s gonna have a fun time.

Soloman needs to die.


Romances is very popular with the customers of CoG, if you do that, you might lose a lot of readers.


Romance, in my opinion, is an essential part of a lot of these games. Not having it in feels like something is missing. So I hope you do include it because you and we, the gamers, are missing out.


do it! I see this as a way to create drama and conflict between us and ROs. beautiful drama that will end in tragedy!!


Just to clarify if the MC does have Black Widow Magic it doesn’t mean there will be no Romance. I’m going to have it were the RO is immune to it if they and the MC truly like one another. So if you kiss a RO that you really like but then they start dieing on the floor then they didn’t like you and were just using you as the Miraculum.


whaaat?!! so no drama? ಥ╭╮ಥ


No plently of drama. You like someone only to find out they have been using you. That’s drama. Plus you can tell who really likes you and who’s just using you.


one question, is the secret coven made out of people from both withe and black coven? and each member what something different so when they get their hands on us they will start to fight each other?



@OracleD3 honestly I think if the RO is immune to the sex death magic it kind of defeats the purpose of having it in the first place?
Unless it was more based on stats and such with each of them individually rather than plot reasons. Then I think it would be an interesting addition, however I would prefer not to kill my RO because I made a pass at them so for now I’m against the idea.

It would help if you could clarify a bit more on how you plan to implement this :slight_smile:


It has mostly human born members but yes some witches from the White and Night Coven that converted. And they all basically want the same thing but they will fight each other for it.


Still working it out but once I do know I’ll let you guys know. But in the meantime here’s a image example of what happens when your MC kisses someone


nice.(obligatory 20 characters)


I just want to clarify, would Black Widow Magic be a passive power?


It would be something the MC has with their 3 other powers.


I’m not a fan of the idea unless my MC had control over it


I assume that if we do indeed have the black widow ability we would have had an experience were we used it unintentionally and caused the death of an other person unless we somehow know we have the kiss of death.


Eventually but for now…nope one kiss from someone your MC doesn’t like/doesn’t like them they will spiral in the floor while their insides melt… for now anyways.


That’s the plan :grin:. I was thinking someone snuck a kiss to show off to their friends since your MC is hot lol but then they you know… die… #worth???


I can live with that