A Witch's Curse (W.I.P) (Updated 3/2/2019)


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@Oceana_47 FIXED! Thanks for all of the help y’all, I really appreciate it

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Hey y’all,

So if you’re on the discord, you’ve heard me mention this, but I am planning a rewrite of A Witch’s Curse. This story is something I love a lot, but many elements of it have changed since I put out that super-buggy demo back in the summer. I’ve gained coding skills for one! But also, elements and plots that I had planned originally no longer fit, character’s personalities have become more complex, and I’m no longer happy with continuing the story without doing a major Rewrite first.

I’m so happy for all the amazing people who have helped me develop the story to where it is now. I don’t know when I’ll get out the new demo. I’m going to need to rewrite and rearrange a lot of scenes! But i wanted to let y’all know what I was up to and that I am not abandoning this story. Also, I will still be active on the Tumblr if you have any questions, Thanks again everyone!



wish you luck on rewrite

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200 likes! Wow! Thank you all so much!

I suppose, I should take this opportunity to give you a progress update.
I’ve reworked and rearranged the plot a bit, and have extended the beginning so that there’s more chance of getting to know people before being thrown into the plot. Progress has been a bit slow, but I’ve been working on the first 5 chapters so that I can get out a substantial bit of work when I put out the rewritten demo.

Again, Thank y’all for sticking with me on this!






Let’s not draw comparisons between two WIPs–especially since A Witch’s Curse has nothing in common with MMM, being written completely differently in all ways: tone, genre, and prose (in the best way possible). Besides which, MMM has been deleted, so there’s no point in making references to it.

I’m looking forward to your rewrite of this, @rosemary_and_sage! (I hope the rewrite preserves Landon and Patches. :’)) Your descriptions of setting, environments, and people are exceptionally strong: I could ‘see’ the scenes in the story very vividly!

My only suggestion (moving forward with the rewrite) is that there were times when I was asked to choose the gender of a person approaching me, but since I didn’t have context to know if they were a potential RO or not until their gender had been chosen, I wasn’t sure what to pick! :sweat_smile: Other than that, this was a riveting story–I can’t wait for more!



MMM is a game that has a lot of… controversy around it (to put it nicely). Many people have intense feelings related to it, me included, so I think I’d prefer not to talk about it if we can!

@rinari Thank you so much for the compliment, it’s an honor! Writing spooky scenes is my absolute favorite thing to do. (I mean, I love character interactions too, but) I think since I’m an artist too, I like to set the scene as vividly as possible. And yes, Landon and Patches will still be there, I promise!

I understand how that can be confusing. Only the ROs have the option to choose their gender when you first meet them. I’ll have to think about how to rework or clarify that in game, because I wanted the players to be able to choose.

@LordNanachi yes, it is still in the plans for you to be able to kill the witch! Though that isn’t the only option. :smiley: The witch is a complex character and as such there will be lots of ways to deal with her (if you even manage to defeat her in the first place).


Constructive Feedback vs Toxic Feedback

No offense intended but making demands of an author such as this is going too far.

I know you’re trying to be salty and cheeky but making demands in such strong terms and bolding them for emphasis is just going too far.



Let’s return to our regular discussion of A Witch’s Curse now.




Well that was an experience!

Anywho I’ll make this comment just general praise I suppose to avoid another incident.

I quite enjoyed this work the MCs fear towards the witch felt real and justified and I felt real concern for them as they hid in their room out of fear.

Even if the witch is a bit comically evil McBadBad at times to the point where I find it slightly hard to believe that the MC just does not just simply run the fuck away.

Though I don’t necessarily mind this, it will make her death oh so amusing.

I also am quite intrigued by your use of multiple perspectives to show what’s going on instead of the normal “HO HO VAT A TWEEST” thing people normally go for, I don’t mind either and it’s quite neat to know shit our MC don’t.

My only real complaint is how the story can feel veeeeerrryyyyyy slooooooooooow at times. And I found myself skimming a fair bit at times. Mainly the library parts, dunno man I just could not find myself to care at all about the librarian.

So yeah I hope the general quality keeps up though, and some of those stats I saw foreshadow amusing moments in the story, so I will be watching this, now if you excuse me I shall be hiding in my lead laced bunker.



So, me and @LordNanachi have discussed on the recent matters. We’ve reached into an understanding and a common ground, so things should be settled down, guys. He felt sorry for what has happened (in fact, compelled to delete his other posts), and would like to apologize for the mess created.

Anyway, onwards!



Btw you lot @Szaal is a good goon give him praise.



Heh, I feel sad.



Highest praise you can get from me I’m afraid lad ;p


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A Witch’s Curse Update!

It’s here!

I’ve finally got out the prologue and half of the first chapter of the rewrite! Honestly, I wish it could’ve been more but this week had a lot of outside forces working against productivity, so hopefully I can get out the rest of Chapter 1 by the end of next week!

I wanna say thank you so much to everyone who’s been so supportive and kind to me while I work on this. I’ve reached quite a few milestones since deciding to begin the rewrite, The thread received 200 likes, The tumblr page gained 500 followers, and I graduated college! You are all such wonderful people and I’m so grateful for all your support!

Link: https://dashingdon.com/go/3810



The demo freezes here :slightly_frowning_face:




Oh! Yes that’s the end of the demo for now. I’ll see what I can do about the infinite loading screen though!

EDIT: The Infinite loading should be fixed now!



Seems like MC is in for a lot of angst and depression, when he finds out what “Mom” did to him and Lorelie :pensive:

“I haven’t seen him”

her - - unless MC is tipsy

“Walker?!” He yells, his face flushing red with anger, “What business could her have with that rake?”


Wonder how he became a textile tycoon with that sort of temper…

Are you sure about this Aaron? I mean… who cares about some rich old bag’s place?

It’s hag Lorelie! Hag!

I said I wanted to see what sorts of wonders I could find inside. I promised I wouldn’t take anything. And she pretended not to notice that mt fingers were crossed behind my back.


SInce it also happens to be the center of her cooking business, it’s one of the most used too.

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