A Time of Strife (WIP)

Hello all!
I’m designing a game,and though I’m early in development I’d still like input and see what people would be interesting things to see in this game.
But before you read on, I’d just like to warn people that this discussion will have setting, and to a lesser degree story, spoilers. And as one of my primary design goal is to let you discover details about the setting as you play, joining this discussion might ruin that somewhat. The game in its entirety won’t be ruined, I mean I hope that there’s enough other good stuff to get people to play, but here’s a warning: if you’d not like to see the setting before first playing it, then avert your eyes. If you’d not like any idea on what the story is about, then avert your eyes. Anyone who doesn’t mind the spoilers and would like to help me, then read on.

So only people who want to see the discussion are here? Good.

This is the setting as I imagine it now (condensed down into a few important points, there is a lot more already plotted out than what is here):

On a very broad view, this is a magitech setting where magic only does two things: imbue an object with an ability, and generate a limited amount power so that the object can do that ability. The more complex the ability, and the longer you want the power to last, or the higher you want the power output, the more magic needs to be put in. There are a lot more rules about magic, but I won’t bore you with the details now.

20 years prior to the game, people used the principles of magic to create Bebo, a prototype android, unique in the world. Until those people started mass producing it ten years prior. The mass produced version are called Bebo’s.

The story takes place in the city Anderon (Don’t worry, the name is temporary until I get a better one), which wakes up one morning and finds that the city is under quarantine for plague. From there, the story takes three different paths, if you will, based off of what job you want to do.

There will be students, factory workers, and sales representatives. Each of these three paths will get unique events pitted against this backdrop of Plague, Magic, and Androids. In other words, while each path will see some unique events, there will be events which effect all the paths, though they will effect all the paths uniquely. The same goes for characters you meet in the game.

Back to the real world, I’m sorry for the magic world, because I bet there are already too many proposals that have their own ideas on magic, and people are probably tired of magic. But I couldn’t find a way to tell the story I wanted without something like this, so here we are.

Also, I will warn people now that philosophy will play a big part of the game. While I promise I will try not to throw philosophy in randomly, and let people seek out the long winded discussions rather than shoving it in their faces, I happen to love the subject (to the point where it’s what I’m studying full time), and I wanted to create a story where I can present certain issues of philosophy to people. I won’t tell which issues, since that might tip off certain parts of the story, but it’s there.

So I guess if you think this is something that you’d be interested in seeing, let me know. If you have ideas or questions on this setting, let me know. I hope this at least piqued some interests.

By the way, I’m just going to let you know now that, while I have done planning and scripting on this, because of time constraints I probably won’t have much time to work on this each day, so getting this thing to a finished playable game will take a while. I plan on doing it, but I figured it would be fair to warn people.

I’m extremely interested. As for people being tired of the use of magic, as long as said use is different and not just following the same old routes all the time (e.i. “I’m a wizard, now let’s go slay some dragons!”), and from the sound of it, you shouldn’t have any problem with that.

Thank you. I did try to come up with something interesting to me, at the very least.

Sounds good to me!

Sounds like a good game

Sounds interesting!

Sounds cool :slight_smile:

Im never tired of magic! Bows, daggers and guns a lil but never magic :3

As long as the magic is delivered right in the story I’ll love it

Sounds good >:D<

Thank you all for your nice comments. :slight_smile:

I’m glad that the there would be interest in seeing this continue.

Never will there not

Seems fun I can’t wait to try and make Excalibur

@Kronos Fool! His legend begins in the twelfth century

@817819 I see what you did there

Sounds good, as long is the game is about coming to dominate society. Muhahaha! >:D

Hello all, slight update on my end.
First off, sorry for not keeping you guys informed, but real life meant that I got even less time to do the programming then I expected, up until recently.

But things are happening. I am now able to dedicate some amount of time per day to programming, for the foreseeable future, so I am going to see where that takes me.

Thanks for your patience.

I’m definitely interested in this. The magitech reminds me of the Lore in Enchantress, and I really enjoyed the way that played out. The inclusion of philosophy will be nice as well.

I’m curious, will there be many opportunities for mild path blending?

While I’m unfamiliar with the Lore in Enchantress, it doesn’t surprise me that I’m not the first to think of something like this.

There will be some opportunities for path blending, but not many. As the three paths you can choose are mostly involving with different aspects of what’s happening, they tend to be their own stories. Yet, there are a few key points where events affect everyone, and it’s usually here that one can

By the way, I assume by path blending, you mean interacting with things from a different path. So I hope that answered the question.