A Study In Steampunk Light eater route

So, I tried the light eater route on chapter 3. But I noticed that when trying to kill the man with uniform, there are options to spare him (although I can’t choose it). I replayed the chapter and tried to kill as least as possible, but still, those options are not available. So I wonder did I do something wrong the early chapters or are these options just decorations (like some kind of inner thoughts) that can’t be chosen, no matter what you did.

Also, are there anyways to avoid being killed by the Ripper in the following chapter.

…You cannot spare him, and yes the Ripper will kill you, unless Finch kills you first. :sweat_smile:

yeah, I somehow figured that out after countless retry.

Damm it, Finch could have just spare me and blame everything to the other Ripper, so that we can work together again. :confused:

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