A Shinobi's Tale(WIP)

I agree 100 percent! It is bold to put bodily functions into a game story…especially a nice BM ha ha.

Dont mean to be a bother but will the ones with raion akuma possess susanoo orrr not

@Adhu_Prime I quess not, to avoid copyright

Ohk thanks bro

Bro really tryna outdo Madara​:joy::joy:

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So will the raion akuma have some sort of personal mangeky powers

hi sorry for the late reply im preparing for my college exams. for your question, yes i plan to use samurai spirit in place of susanoo


I keep getting this error every time I try to open stats
choicescript_stats line 47: invalid indent, expected 2, was 1

the stats code is still buggy. i know what the problem is and i will fix it later. im currently preparing for my college finals exams next week. i should resume working on this project next month


Are you from Pakistan by any chance?

nope, british nigerian

try it now, also i added a save function. if theres any problem let me know

i have tried to fix it. check if it works

Is the akuma clan based on shindo life lol

yes, since the real clans are copyrighted i followed suite with shindo life who essentially went around that problem