A secret in Samurai of Hyuga

Hello everyone, so recently i had the chance to read Samurai of Hyuga. I was in the name selection screen and found a little secret (idk if someone found this yet as i tried to find it in the discussion threads), when i chose to pick my own name i typed “Jin” and after that i got a calculated stat boost and it also wrote

I was wondering if anyone has found other names that give these kind of stat boost.


I don’t quite remember the exact names, but there’s actually quite a long list of names giving a small stat adjustment. Since you found out Jin, I’m pretty sure Mugen and Fuu are also on the list to make for a full trio. I remember ‘Jack’ also being there.


In fact, such easter egg in the name input is a quite popular feature. As for SoH, there goes the list of all names giving the stat boost. Aside from that - you can’t choose the same name with the main characters (except Kohaku).


Afro: brutal %+10
Gintoki: drifter %+10
Goemon: drifter %-10
Kenshin: perverted %-10
Hitokiri: brutal %+10
Battousai: brutal %+10
Shishio: brutal %+10
Saito: brutal %-10
Itto: charming %-10
Jack: charming %-10
Mugen: impulsive %+10
Jin: impulsive %-10
Aoshi: impulsive %-10
Manji: drifter %+10
Fuu: charming %+10
Baiken: brutal %+10
Oyuki: brutal %-10
Balsa: drifter %-10
Mulan: perverted %-10
Suzuka: drifter %+10
Ibuki: charming %+10
Kaoru: impulsive %+10
Rangiku: drifter %+10
Tsubaki: brutal %-10
Ryoko: perverted %+10
Ichi: brutal %-10


If you try to pick a name like Dracula in choice of the vampire the game makes fun of you for being unoriginal

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don’t remind me.

Speaking of SoH, will there be another book?

When I talked with the author about a thing some time ago, book 5 seemed to be still worked on. I wouldn’t imagine it has been abandonned since then? :thinking:

As for the original topic, yeah, a lot of games have easter eggs for names or other things. The WIP “The Ballad of Devil’s Creek” has fun easter eggs if you name MC’s horse with certain names.


Wow thats a pot of names. Thanks for this

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Check the author’s Twitter , they seem to be active there.