A Pioneers Life

So this is not my game, I am posting for a friend who does not have a forum account.

A Pioneers Life is inspired by the old game Oregon Trail, with a fantasy twist.

3 starting cities, 3 possible end cities
Map made on Inkarnate.com
Gather and hunt for food, keep yourself and your caravan fed!
Brave the elements! Start in spring, but travel at least one full year before reaching your final destination!
Dangerous creatures, deadly diseases at any time, even crossing a river can kill you!
3 starting species! Human, Elf, or Dwarf
Take animals along with you to get wool or milk for trade or even just to make sure you have enough supplies to survive
10+ professions & jobs!
Multiple types of wagons available!

Dashingdon Link: https://dashingdon.com/go/3606

Last Update: 1-17-19 New animal, races, variables, job list changed, route info page

Coming up next: Route for Sidera to Hunai Hills finished


this game is going to be fun more please :+1:

Do you know if there are going to be any RO’s in this game?

There might be. As it’s in the early stage and the author has never written with Choicescript before it may be awhile before theres any romance. But it won’t be like other games, where you have to build a good relationship with someone first. It will probably be just meeting a person, them saying you like them or they like you and suddenly boom you have a partner

Hey I like that. Such abstraction looks very reasonable in a game focusing on management.

Oh, and people in that world would let a cook to lead a huge caravan. I like that even better A.A

I love this idea and what you (your friend? Who should I direct this toward?) has written so far is a great start. I like how we can choose between humans, elves, and dwarves, I like all the different job options, and how each job give you something extra (like the cook with the cooking set). I really like we can buy extra axles and yokes. :joy:

A few other comments

Can a map be added to the game itself instead of a link?

I would also add more spaces between paragraphs instead of *line_breaks.

When choosing how much food we want, it may be better to allow us to input the numbers ourselves instead of going back again and again to get 10 lbs or 5 lbs, etc., or perhaps add an option to buy the limit of however much our wagon can hold. Also, even though for the medium wagon it says I could only hold 35 lbs of preserved food, I was able to buy a lot more than that.

This is what I eventually ended up with:
It can hold 50lbs of meat, 40lbs of plants and veggies, and 35lbs of preserved food. You have 10 lbs of meat, 40 lbs of plants and veggies, and 50 lbs of preserved food.

For the animal selection, it may be better to describe the animals first before letting us choose, especially since they’re fantasy animals, or at least let us go back to look at the animal again even if we first decide not to buy them. Right now if you try to look at the animals first but you want to buy something you’re stuck the Tusari kit.

Finally, I noticed when checking our supplies it mentions a rolled bed and fishing nets, but I didn’t see that in the shops.

Looking forward to seeing more. :cowboy_hat_face:

Interesting start. Kind weird of you though. It takes like > five minutes to make a forum account. Even if you have to make a new email. Why would you have to post this for your “friend?” Are they like in prision or something?

What’s an Alliwecs?

@Murdockchan Alliwecs are a beast that take the place of oxen in the game. Compared to oxen, they are skinner but with the same strength and the looks are different (they are an animal of my own design, as are just about every other animal)

@Kurvo they are not in prison or anything like that, but they knew I had an account and would rather piggyback off mine than just make their own. They have an email and stuff but just have no interest in making an account for just one game they are writing for fun

@expectedoperator I’m not sure how to add an image, and there’s going to be lots of images, but we can look into that. Sometimes I have to add *line_breaks (if the paragraph is in a choice) or it causes a bug, no idea why (their using ChoiceScript IDE). I’ll let them know about the weight bug. & the animal is described first before you choose, but if you choose not to get it your locked out and have to wait for it until the next trading point

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Are there any of your own designs that can be the equivalent of our horses? I think that would be awesome if we had those. Or the Alliwecs are already?

I can certainly think of something and see if they’ll add it to the game ^^
& Alliwecs are just like Ox. They pull plows and carts, but are not ride-able animals


a question: Will there be a list of characters in the future? And speaking about the ROs someone mentioned earlier, does that mainly includes with the 3 races the players chooses to be?

So there wont be any personal relationships for this game. Theres no need really.
Planned RO races:

We’re thinking about making haflings & orcs a playable race but arent sure


Anyway, what’s the most dangerous predator or animal which the playable character must be weary of?

A velru is the most dangerous animal. They r a cross between grizzly bears & alligators, & on the chance ur character does come across one it’s much better to leave it alone. There will b an option to hunt them but unless u have full health, a Jagowary, & a gun w at least 10 bullets, they r not worth it

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Is that a large sized hunting beast which is something like, a mastiff/hound looking feline that hunts prime size wild animals? Sounds awesome.

The jagowary is the animal that is replacing a horse. We loved the idea & they loved my design, so we’re adding it in

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So… something similar to orcs who ride wargs in Lord of the ring I guess?

Honestly, the description makes me think of a hippogriff somehow.

So, eh…what’s the description of the jagowary? Or should that be left for later?