Would you be intersted in a choice script game which reminds you of a classic RPG...?


What I mean is something that I tried doing with ‘The Seeker’, which is sort of a failed project at the moment but, what I tried doing with it (or most of it anyhow) was the following:

  1. Lots of freedom to explore (towns, villages, their shops, their taverns etc)
  2. Get quests from certain folk in towns, villages, inside taverans etc - you get the idea! :D)
  3. Certain folk will want to follow you off the bat, some others, can be companions after you completed their quest.
  4. an alignment system (GoodVS Evil, LawfulVSChaotic)
  5. Background choices, which add and remove certain stats, or makes you start with a certain alignment.
  6. Several races to chose from (that add remove stats), along with 3 genders. (I’m thinking of ‘male’ ‘female’ and ‘gender neutral’ for this one.
  7. There WOULD BE A MAIN QUEST! Which you could totally just do, ignoring all of the side ones…though, I would hope I could make side quests interesting enough for you to pick up a few. ^^
  8. The story will use whatever name you type in (obviously).
  9. I’m hoping to add in images. Somewhat transparent works of art, coded into style.css as backgrounds. You’ll have a tavern art behind when entering one. A bed or a camp when taking a rest. (Has this been done before?? )
  10. You will loss health in the game, and you may die at any time if facing against too many opponents without taking a rest (which regains health), also if faced with one in a distant forest somewhere, where you shouldn’t even be in yet. (The enemies get stronger as you go. While the main road - the main story road - will stay on the ‘easy’ level the rest will not.
  11. I’m thinking of adding in some free sounds, to give the game more of a ‘feel’.
  12. The combat wouldn’t just be (‘hit’ ‘dodge’) or whatever, but you’d have to use tactics (at least outside the main quest), there will be an inventory, and you can use several items, and even bind some items together to MAKE the item Or repair some (for example, you can make a trap, using mere sticks you found in the forest, along with a piece of rope you bought or found laying around…will need 3 sticks, and one rope for a simple trap. (beginner level).

Stuff like that basely…would anyone be interested in it? I’m actually already working on a project, but it’s vey stroy-driven and i sometimes get frustrated when i need to fix codes…SO; I’m looking for project2, which should deffer from project1 quite a bit! (keeping myself entertained :D) And also, something I can work on when I’m done coding for the time being. ^^

Does this all sound like a good idea…? Would you play a CS game like this…? Also, if yes, would you like it to have a unique fantasy setting? Perhaps steampunk? :open_mouth: Or a mix?? If you have ideas, feel free to share! Also, tell me if you like the idea! ^^

PS: I really miss those good ol’ classic RPGs…and would personally LOVE to see something similar in a CS game!
Also, I have played a ton of them, so i think i have a good understanding on how to make one (errr…using choice script of course. XD if i were to make my actual own isometric rpg i’d need a whole team lol!)

Also, also! I’d like to make it so you could solve certain quests in several different ways! It’s something I really loved in the old fallout games, arcanum etc etc so…yeah! :smiley:


I’d absolutely love to see a game like this! Of course, it would be very complex to make, but it can be done. :blush:


There is room for it - see what @Lucid makes, but as I see it you have two major problems.

One scope: Most games here are a one person project and this is a HUGE undertaking for one person.

Two: Format. This a textbase game with no saves. That really limits what you can make (and also free you in other ways.) All those game you mention missing - they wouldn’t necessarily be as good as text based games. Not without some major modifications. And the no save and no picture thing really limits what you can do with combat and the like.

Personally: No I would not play. I’ve learned my lesson with Lost Heir. I do think there might be a market for it. And I advice you to seek out Lost Heir, the WIP Lucid is making and Zombie Exedous: Safe Haven as those who come closest to what you describe.
. See Lucid.


I’ll check that, thanks. … :slight_smile: What do you mean with ‘no saves’ though? There would defiantly be a save system which you could use and then load as you die.

And I’d add in some sounds and images (as mentioned) to make it feel more ‘real’…probably not enough for some people, but i’d be a nice touch , i think. ^^


Edit. Missunderstood. Sorry.

You can make a safe system, but you’ll have to make it and it will more likely be a checkpoint system.


Lost Heir was not THAT much into RPG genre as much as The Hero of Daria is (by Lucid too you can try it, its open Beta if I remember correctly) also OP can learn some stuff from that WiP as well since the game very complex to play so I can’t imagine the pain it must’ve been to make it and you can get some insights from the feedback from that game too.


I’m no CS master, but I already see how all of the mentioned things can be doable. ^^

@DreamingGames Ah, that’s fine. :slight_smile:

@AmericanShakespeare I’ll check that one as well, ty! ^^ Would you consider it a good game? As far as the elements and features go…?


It is good but I find it too tiring to keep check of everything and the game can get very repitetive (I tried it when it was in very early stages so dunno what’s changed now) as MC has to gain xp and maintain stats, too much for my primitive mind to comprehend :persevere:

But that doesn’t mean it won’t be good it just isn’t my cup of tea :slight_smile:


I see…thank you for your response. ^^ I think, the fact that I’d make it so those who want to only see the story - more or less - can follow the easy road , find companions in main plot towns and villages and paths …and won’t have to worry about making traps, fire grenades or whatever else i would add into the game…

Or, perhaps…a difficulty setting? I saw some CS games have ‘easy’ , ‘normal’ and ‘hard’…i’d (if i’d use this) would set the lowers difficulty name - stolen from POE lol - ‘story mode’ and it would indeed be all too simple. xDDD And you wouldn’t be restricted from anything then. Hm…needs more thought! But i think i’m getting somewhere with this!


If i’m going for this btw, I’ll have to think of a good plot and a unique fantasy setting first…already got ideas but yeah. Will see what i want, by writing a few things down. ^^


There’s one already as mentioned in the replies above, (By Lucid, my favorite writer), and as much as I love the WiP, it is something I don’t feel like belongs at choicescript. At all. There are hundreds if not thousands of tools, softwares, engines which allow you to create RPGs more easily, with better features and better gameplay. I don’t think choicescript is one of those.
Edit: The Lost Heir Series do not belong in the RPG category. They follow a story whilst allowing you to choose classes, and while RPG defines as a roleplaying game and Lucid’s work certainly gives much room for it, it doesn’t get into the standard of a “true RPG”. Hero of Daria is an old classical if you’d like to call it that though.


It is a very over-simplified version of an old RPG to my understanding. The combat, for example, which tends to be somewhat harder in the classics, but due to obvious reasons (such as it being near impossible to code in a game like this and the unnecessity of it since you’re playing a CoG game after all), it’s modified. I agree it doesn’t belong quite to CoG though.


I agree. Granted, you’ll find the audience for your project, but I think it’ll be far smaller than if you decided to use other, more convenient tools for the job. Tools that let the user have basic QoL features (saving system, inventory ease of access, having vital info like hp/mp/carryweight displayed at all times and not having to go to stats menu for it, etc), without the developer having to rebuild CS into something it never intended to be.

The bottom line is, don’t such complex projects clash with the core principle of ChoiceScript - to keep things simple?


Thanks for responding guys… :slight_smile: A shame, but I see your points.


I just saw the title of this topic and I immediately thought “HELL YES!”.


I’d think it’d be wonderful if there was. Classical RPGs give me a nostalgic feel and I do think alot of us here would enjoy that same feel in a choice text game. Sure it’s unconventional, but if executed well it could be beautiful.

as long as I can be a dual blade wielding thief hueee


I’m excited for this! I can definitely see myself playing it. :grin: I’ve always loved a good RPG.

However, I predict something like this would easily hit 1,000,000+ words. And while this has been done before (Tin Star), it seems like mountain-loads of work however I look at it. If you’re up for it, then great! I personally would like to play a CoG with all the features you have presented.

But if you’re considering on toning it down a little, maybe scrape off 10-12? Coding these seem extremely hard, so maybe it’d take away atleast a stack of your pending pile of work.

Either way, I’m cheering you on!


I’m actually doing a demo right now. ^^

Just to see how people react to it, for now. And if they like it, I’ll make it into a game.


Seems a bit too complicated I think, it would work better with things like graphics and menus. People would be too lazy if everything was text and you had to read like hundreds of thousands of words.
Your idea is kinda similar to a game called Divinity Original Sin by the way. Except for no gender neutral or alignment system pretty much everything you wrote applies, especially the tactical combat part.


I’m so upset some of my sound got lost when uploading to dashington but…here’s a demo:


Will make a threat for it once i figure out the sound stuff and fix it! :smiley:

A teaser lol. :wink: