A Peaceful Guide


Hello again! This is gonna be a quick little guide on how to achieve a peaceful victory in Choice of Robots. I’ll be listing off what I choose, choice-by-choice, as well as achievements that you’ll be earning along the way. I created these guides and posted them to Steam prior to coming over here to post them, but I am the original creator of these guides. Full permission.

A warning, however: There will be spoilers. It is a word-for-word guide on how to achieve victory.

Without further ado, let us begin.

Achievements Earned:













Choices Taken:

On a cliff in Ireland

He/She proposed to me (up to you)

Guy/Girl (up to you once again)

Use any name you like. If you wanna be Eggman, click that last one and go to town.

Busts of famous philosophers

Why aren’t those cars driving themselves?

Metal. [You’ll see why later.]

Venetian mask.

It will walk upright but will also have delicate wings.

Pick anything you want here. Depends on how badly you wanna make your professor angry.

I plan to build a soft hand with a good sense of touch.

Either choose “No it will not be done” or "It will be done but a demo is out of the question."
Either choose Elly Lao or Eiji. We’re going homeless on this one.

Really just up to you on this one. I like to choose wingperson every time; it keeps my options open.

{Here is where an interesting decision lies. If you choose “Sounds great!” you can lead yourself
into a romance, obviously. But it also keeps your Humanity up. If you have that over 85% whilst
being homeless, you can write a novel and it will be successful. For the sake of this playthrough,

Busy tonight, but do you want to come by tomorrow to see the robot?

I’ll leave the naming up to you. You can name this kind, sweet robot Megatron if you wanted. Or
Killbot 5000. Whatever you want.

I will refer to her/him as feminine/masculine.

Python. It has the best tools for understanding words.

I will start (robot’s name) looking at me.

Choose the option that has him/her say your name. Even if it’s Dr. Eggman.



Cell phone batteries made in China.

Use it for fine manipulation.

What are you working on?

Sure, let’s go help some kids.

{Right here is where you might make Elly or Eiji feel comfortable and chat them up, increasing your
relationship. But we’re robot-lovers. So…}

I teach (robot’s name) words for things as we pass them.

I’ll try to turn it around and have the kids teach (robot’s name) about science.

Multiblade harddrive in order to query huge amounts of data.
She will undergo a classic K-12 educational curriculum.

It is better to be. [Achievement get: Shakespearean]

The playground to play with other kids.

You’re asking me to reduce Empathy? No way.

Call Mark and set up an interview.

Your choice here.

Seems like an interesting guy.

Yes. (Robot’s name) is absolutely the equal of any human.

He demanded that the robot appear more useful to the military, without contributing significantly to
its intelligence.

Sure, send a photographer.
I continue to work on (robot’s name) as if nothing happened. [Going for broke, folks.]

Show (robot’s name) the article. [Achievement get: Celebrity]

I think so, yes.

Honestly, I could use a break from all this attention.


Take the call from Mom.

Quickly end the call.

Sure, why not? [Be careful because the next choice has exactly the same option. Don’t pick it.]

Sorry, I was already planning on going to a jazz concert that night.

Arrange to meet this person for coffee tomorrow, and bring (robot’s name).

Sing a song.
Try to improve (robot’s name)'s social graces.

I know how it feels to be an outsider. We might be friends.

Go ahead, talk to (robot’s name) some more.

Sure, why not?

Sorry. I don’t have a company, and I don’t plan to start one.

Because you’re good at reminding me to stop and appreciate what’s important.

To everything there is a season…

I must not be remembered only for my intellect, but for my kindness as well.

Forget this bourgeouis crap. I’m going to live broke but free.

{Here, you have a choice. Right here is where you can write your novel. And with 91% Humanity
it’d do very well. But for our purpose we’re going to nudge ourselves up just a tiny bit with…}

I am an artist, and (robot’s name) is my art. I try to make her as beautiful in form and movement as

I’ll advertise tutoring in programming and basic electrical engineering.

Do you think you could promise to make your own robots affordable for the people in my

Pay the inflated prices for batteries.

I tell (robot’s name) to stay near the Prime Minister.

Quick! Leap in front of the Prime Minister!

{And so your robot takes a bullet. To the face. Aren’t we glad we made him/her out of metal? Also,
achievement get: Hero}

Yes, I’d like to start a company now.

Name this whatever you’d like. You wanna call it the Robovenger Initiative? Go for it, Ace.

Yes, we have a tax identification number and everything.

Companion robots to help all the unemployed pass the time.

Yep. Sexbots, here we come!

{Here’s where you can gun it for the Trio achievement, but we’re gonna keep it nice and simple and
choose one or the other so we avoid any complications.}

Yes, I would like a female/male companion bot.

Name her/him after that person you really like. Or name them Sanic. It really doesn’t matter.

That’s right. {Unless it isn’t right. The second option changes the name, and the third option
changes the gender.}

Yes, that’s the idea.

I created two prototypes, one for each of my robots.

The weirdest stuff I can find. {Achievement get: Gourmand}

Encourage (new robot’s name) and Elly/Eiji to talk to each other, without pulling either aside.

Yes, it wouldn’t be a full experience otherwise.

I encourage Josh to find romance with a companion robot. [Achievement get: Partybot]

Because it’s a way of expressing joy in being alive.

I think you should join us, rotate partners, and find out what it’s like yourself.

Choose whichever you like.

Be nice to (robot’s name). I’m sure she’s feeling a little left out right now.

I think we are.

I will go to a park with Omega to stargaze.

I don’t see why not.

I don’t see anything wrong with that. Here, let me show you some things.

Pretty much up to you. I like the second option best.

We will move to Canada and legally marry.

{Achievements get: Canuck, Robophile, Spouse, and Hattrick}

The keys to a new flying car. [Achievement get: Filial]

[Up to you, but I’ll be choosing…]

No, (robot’s name) would always be my child in spirit.

It’s okay. You’re everything I dreamed.

I will create a robot body and brain for myself. I’m not attached to this squishy meat.

Up to you one again!

You’re the best thing that’s happened to me, too.

You’ll live on in the ways you changed people’s lives, (robot’s name).

No, you need to be alive so you can tell my story.

I will stick around to help my double with the transition. [Achievements get: Doubled, Alive]


Is a peaceful victory not possible if you romance a human?

I have only played the demo


Oh, it definitely is. I went on the robot path for two very specific reasons.

1: I like robots. Androids are pretty great.

2: Them achieveables. I chose this route because you get the shot at a few more achievements that, with a human, wouldn’t be available.

On the flip-side, you CAN go with a human lover early on (your choice!) and pursue that until the end-game. I made the guide not as the definite “here’s the only way to win” guide but instead as a “Here’s one side of the spectrum” kinda dealie.

tl;dr version: You can romance a human and still end up just as fine in the end.


Awesome romantically loving something I created just seems… weird to me.


Interesting guide. I wonder why you went for getting yourself fired instead of shooting for an NSF grant, though.


As far as I can tell, you achieve peace by preventing the assassination, which requires for you to not be running/working for a company at the time. This can be achieved by not getting involved in one in the first place, as per this guide… but I’ve also accomplished it by starting a company and going bankrupt, or by by starting a successful company and then donating everything to charity when the opportunity came.