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I have played through this game so many times it’s not even funny. I just can’t seem to get the lunatic achievement or the robot rebellion. On my last playthrough I did the robot companion path with singular on emotion and grace, over 30 on autonomy and like 27 on military I think. It got my stats overall higher than they had ever been but I still couldn’t get the achievements can someone please tell me what I need to do to get these? Thank you.

If I recall correctly, the robot rebellion happens if your robots have high autonomy and you choose not to take a path in the chapter where it splits into the Grace, Military, etc paths. There’s something like a ‘just see what happens’ option.

Here’s the ways in for the rebellion.

1: Get imprisoned after the war, do nothing.
2: Have Autonomy 20+ without Empathy 20+.
3: Do nothing after the war, with Autonomy > Empathy.

Lunatic is really difficult to get, though, just because it requires that you NOT get a number of easier endings. Just off the top of my head, I know you can’t get married if you want Lunatic…I’ll go back and check what else prevents it.

edit: Okay. You need to:

  1. Get surgery to fix your brain problems, but not get the robot double or anything too special like that
  2. Survive the surgery, requiring grace 12 or better.
  3. Not have a child or have your robot make a child (the latter happens with autonomy >= 15, if your robot is still alive and robots_controlled is not true)
  4. Not have a romance.
  5. Not destroy the robots or have them win the revolution.
  6. Not have supplied the military successfully in the war against the Chinese (or if you did, autonomy needs to be higher than military)
  7. Autonomy must be greater than 20.

It’s 3 and 7 which conflict the most; normally, if you have high autonomy, you’ll get the robot child ending instead of lunatic. I think you have to get robots_controlled in grace…

Jeez, that is a little counterintuitive. Yeah, I think the best and possibly only way to do this is to go through the grace path, and put all the robots in the world under the control of your personal robot.

I’ve recently been playing Choice of Robots again and I remember during the China-American War my robots detonated the bombs in the desert, how do i get that again.

Purely off the top of my head, IIRC your robots must have a high degree of autonomy and you need to teach them good morals.

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Anyone got any tips for romancing mark. I’ve got a high relationship stat and stop him from getting arrested but i can’t fogure it out from there.

I’m at this bit:

I was wondering what the best option is.I don’t want to refuse the surgery, because I don’t want to die.But I’m also not sure about getting it because
A)It could kill me,and
B)It could mess with my emotions
The other option(making a robot body)is intriguing,but I don’t know the cost,or if it would even work.

Try it and see! You’re in the last chapter one way or another.