Tried 5 times now for proper singularity ending, no luck


Looking at what others have posted across the internet, I tried to get the ending where you upload yourself to the robot hive mind. I’ve gotten as far as writing the code to prevent war and then giving backdoor access to my main robot, but haven’t had anything else to do about hive minds etc.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me on this. I simply MUST read EVERYTHING. This is one of the last endings I need to get. For reference, this steam thread is where I first heard of it. It’s a little too vague though:


I achieved it by having a high autonomy & grace (25+) But the grace was higher than autonomy. When the robots rebelled i gave my original robot control over all of the other robots. During the surgery option choose the option to join the robots’ mind & the singularity achievement will be unlocked.


Not to be technical, but there doesn’t seem to be a “proper” singularity ending. To get the closest thing to it, however, you only need a few things:

[spoiler]First, you should have high-ish grace and probably also autonomy, but definitely more grace (or the robots will recognize and rebel against the hacking). Try focusing upon grace in chapter 2, and then starting your own company, hiring both Elly and Silas, and making a factory that looks like the Sydney Opera House, and you should be swimming in grace. (I actually focused upon getting 20 empathy for all my non-military run-throughs, so you should have way more than enough if you focus on grace early.)

Second, when given options, choose anything related to medicine. I’m not sure how much you need, but if you’re specifically going for this ending, there’s no reason to skimp. Focus upon curing diseases like your father’s, make medical bots for Galen when you have high grace already (bonus for high empathy high grace), and if you take the “end all wars” path, let there be a cult around your robots, then focus upon trying to cure all known diseases using robots.

Third, go into either the robot rebellion or code to prevent war paths, and use the backdoor. When you get to chapter 7, there should be mention that your robot is not physically present in your home and is “like a god of the hearth”.

Finally, when you get to the medical decision choice, say that you want to replace your brain with a chip, but that you want to supply your own chip. [/spoiler]

In the recurrence of the dream, you’ll still be told you haven’t truly created the singularity, however.