Minmaxing for fun and profit!

It’s been a while since I bought this, and I wanted to know if a guide existed on how to minmax Choice Of Robots. It’s time consuming to go through every choice to find out what stat bonuses are given and the stat requirements for important events. Anyone willing to help?

what do you want to minmax?
I have played the game frequently so I know all the stats that choices give.

Well the two things I was going for involved following he prophecy the God Cloud gave in its dream exactly, and another playthrough maximizing the fame stat (with money as a secondary priority.)

I’m not sure if this is it exactly but I managed to get my robot to Take over all the robots it involves going down the autonomy route and convincing your robot to assist you instead of kill you then when you go to the military base you have to send the robots away then open the door with the password, r0ckinpassw0rd. then give control of it to your robot so it needs enough autonomy to realize what you did enough grace to actually use it and enough empathy to not kill you outright but dont worry its not that difficult
And maximizing the fame stat is simple enough

Get interviewed by mark.(Also try to have an autonomy or grace above 10)
When choosing which call to take the call that isn’t your mother.
Pick the act you do on stage based on your stats (singing for autonomy or empathy,predicting the future for grace, and shooting skillz for military)
during the business ark when it asks how you feel about your robot production choose the one that basically means “The world shall remember my name”
When choosing a new power source “go solar”
Then later after the war ends go with the grace option and end all wars forever
Have your robot make art
Let the cult exist and don’t do anything to stop them
“Be the otocon to juliets solid snake”
Convince mark to not kill himself to death
Give your robot control over all other robots
Give the church of your robot funds
Live in washington

After this I ended with 32 fame and 19 wealth

Earning money is simpler sell based on your robots stats.
Grace and empathy means med-bots
grace and autonomy means car making bots and the kitt-car.
Military means the u.s air force.
Avoid selling to the chinese in this case and the santa service too.
Get tammy in your company to root out the hack and then choose to lock down the network.
Sell your robots to anyone.
During the war choose to deal in factories and labor bots as apposed to med bots and sex bots.
I don’t recommend getting involved in the war as tammy and elly may leave.

If you have more questions on certain choices (or something of the like) I can probably answer.