A Militant Guide


Howdy, folks. This is gonna be a quick and concise guide on how to achieve military victory in Choice of Robots. I’ll be listing off what I choose, choice-by-choice, as well as achievements that you’ll be earning along the way. I created these guides and posted them to Steam prior to coming over here to post them, but I am the original creator of these guides. Full permission.

A warning, however: There will be spoilers. It is a word-for-word guide on how to achieve victory.

Without further ado, let us begin.

Achievements Earned:











Choices Taken:

On a War-torn battlefield, with a robotic Statue of Liberty.

You are mistaken. I have hated you all my life, and I will destroy you.

Choose whatever you like. No judging.

Choose a name or write it in with that last option.

Neatly labeled plastic shelving units.

Why aren’t those flying cars driving themselves?


Venetian mask.

It will walk upright but will also have delicate wings it can use for balance.

Choose whatever you like here.

I was thinking sort of Swiss Army knife hands.

The robot will be done, but a demo will be out of the question.

Eiji Aomame or Elly Lao.

I was testing a music recognition algorithm when those two started bothering me.

Afraid I can’t tonight, sorry.

This one’s up to you. Name your robot whatever you like.

I will refer to her/him as feminine/masculine.

Go, the most beautiful language.

I will start (robot’s name) looking out the window.

…a sequence of autotune notes, like human speech but more musical.



A motorcycle battery.

I would prefer to save the power for (robot’s name)'s mind.

I should fix the little things I noticed during the test before I forget.

A multiblade hard drive that can effeciently store and query a giant amount of data.

He/She will undergo a classic K-12 educational curriculum.

That is a question you will have to decide for yourself. {Achievement get: Shakespearean}

The dump.

I suppose if it’s the only way I’ll complete my education, I’ll do it.

Media attention is just a distraction.

Continue to ignore Mark.

Angry. One day, he’ll regret writing these words.

Show (robot’s name) the article.

Answer the call from Glendale.

I write back, insisting that I mean no harm, and proceed to move on with my life.

Try to improve (robot’s name)'s social graces before heading out again.

I run out the back door.

I think I need to find a place to sleep, actually. {Achievement get: Doctor}

Full fathom five thy father lies…

Moved by the image of the King transformed under the sea, I decide I must be willing to let my old
self die.

I will start my own company.

Name this whatever you like.

The United States Air Force.

I took out a big loan to start (company name).

Bill Gates.

Good. You’ll be pleased with how realistically robots like (robot’s name) act like real human targets.


(robot’s name)'s model of robot will perform all the labor, including supervision.

A geodesic dome will conceal a powerful dish antenna, absorbing the world’s information for my

Sure, let’s keep it. I want to encourage (robot’s name) to take the initiative.

Finally, I’m seeing success!

(robot’s name)'s initial state, ready to learn and adapt to the client’s needs.

Expand the business and get another big client from among the options presented earlier.

On second thought, I’d rather just sell robots directly to the public.

Agree to the robots’ demands for real wages.

Sure, I’ll sell our technology to anyone who wants it.

I want to make the perfect body for (robot’s name).

I’d prefer to save my remaining personal funds.

Let’s do that. I should eliminate my competition.

Free the trapped robots.

I tell my robots to try to save the important equipment from the building.

I’m afraid I don’t have a significant amount of wealth to spare. Sorry. (Achievement get: Resilient)

Yes, a Top Secret clearance. I want to work on the highest-impact projects.

Fill out the form.

List Mark and Tammy.

State that I know no foreign nationals and move on.

Hope that someone will take Silus/Tammy away.

I watch with interest - it should help me develop better robots.

They will be extremely intelligent missiles.

No, I was not aware of that.

Only once, in graduate school.

I let the agent go about his business.

Improved worker bots for the factories.

Turn on the robot’s debug mode with my phone to capture the details of the communication.

Run out of the building.

No comment. {Achievements get: Patriot, Numismatist}

I keep the coin in my pocket from now on, but show it to no one.

Yes. {Achievement get: Rebel}

All of it.

I integrated my former employees into my fledgling government.

Juneau, the capital.

It is a round table in which my robot advisors sit as symbolic equals.

I send (robot’s name) to assassinate Mark.

No, I think I can handle myself.

I send her a message baiting her to fight on the front lines.

Barrow, on the northern coast.

Fighting the partisans sounds like useful practice for fighting a better trained force.

The Aleutian Islands.

I can’t risk everything I’ve achieved just to see Mom before she goes in for surgery.

It’s better to not have the distraction during this critical time.

I would prefer that (robot’s name) help with tactics back at the base instead.

I will give Alaska as a gift to (robot’s name), who will run things from now on. {Achievements get:
Founder, Kingmaker}

This house could become a museum about me.

Choose whichever you like.

Can you just take me home?

I have a better idea. I will join (robot’s name)'s hive mind.

Whatever you like. {Achievements get: Alive, Singular}

And there you have it. Military victory.


Do you know if any of your possible spouses will be willing to join you in the Alaskan rebellion?


When I tried with Jenny, she tried to shoot me in the face. SO! It’s probably possible, but with me collecting stats like a madman I neglected to go for romance.

It seems as if there would be options for it, seeing as when you have a spouse they place themselves in one of the towns and you can speak to them.

With that in mind, however, they’ve never joined me. Always asked that I flee with them to Canada.


Uh… Do you mean Tammy? Or maybe Juliet? Either way I may have to replay just for that, that’s hillarious.


Oh, right. No idea why I said Jenny. Haha. Writing these guides is tiring work! Juliet is who I mean. Tammy tries to convince you to back down.