A path, but which path

Simply to say, Assassin Legacy saved on my old computer which suddenly crumples (starting up wise) and lost dropbox password…and email unable to recover…However somehow it will be finished! Either way until then I simply cannot stay away from making Cog games. Although assassin legacy was more of a test drive getting use to the feel of making a game. With some more experience and understanding on how to make games more non-linear. I wish to know what you guys think would make for a great game. Somehow, someway i’ll see about intertwining this with other games, until then. First up…

Legacy Of The Heavens- You are a prophet in this dire age where corruptions roam free and chaos runs rampant those still faithful to the heavens invoked their prayers. Answered by The Creator. You are sent down as an Angel/Prophet (still deciding) Shrouded in the divine light of the heavens and clad in glowing white robes. The MC then sets out to follow the path heaven sent him/her to lead the world to Ascension…or…down the path of The Fallen. Purity or Corruption. Which will be your path. (similar to Jinni of the Seven Winds in some sense)

Legacy of the Ancients- You are one of the ancients an elite sect of The Order that stands below the assassin sect. Once ancients reach of age deep within themselves the orb of creation. More or less it is a ball of pure energy. Once you reach of age that orb beckons, calls to you, refusing to lay dormant any longer. Your path is decided then and there. Walk the path of the shadows or walk the path of the light. Gain the ability to transform into a shadow, be a shadow, and exist as a shadow walking in the night. Or become the essence of light and a beacon of the day. As light or shadow abilities come with that must be unleashed. Weather using tendrils of shadows to strangle any that stand in your way to your goal. Or using the light to blind or harvesting the suns energy to incinerate the fools that challenge you. All the while surviving as the war of The Order rages on the ancients however few are hunted by both the order, the elite hunters that lays in the grasp of the throne, and fanatics. With great powers come great enemies. I do wish you luck.

Legacy Of The Fallen - You are the Prophet foretold in the ancient prophecy. Coming into the world as a young man/woman you stand before the gates of Hell. Within you must descend in the seven floors of hell. Each beholding a sin of hell. Stay on the righteous path or become fallen each with their benefit. Forward to confront Lucifer. Weather to slay him or to stand at his side, freeing him. On the way you will try to survive while deciding who if anyone is worthy of escaping hell and into the gates of Heaven. Confronted with entire story length of choices as you confront your fallen brethrens and Angels cast into hell.

Guardians Legacy - You are a Guardian the most elite sect of the magic user sects. Outlawed and feared by all, although hiding in society many wander. Although few in numbers. The Guardians the most highly secretive group known as the keepers of life. You will be given the chance to walk a path. Said to be sent from the Archangels. The paths of fortune, inferno, chaos, storm, summoning, beast-master, and finally order. Which path will you walk. And just what will you do with your power? As the paladin order rises to power and the tower of fangs beckons. The grand prize of the Ark awaits. The unlimited power above all else. Are you worthy?

Legacy of the Shifters - You are one of the few existing shifters in existence. Hunted and hated by all you live a normal life until an incident occurs and your ability to transform…or so to say…shift is revealed. Survive and seek to join the gathering shifters in a war to overthrow the ruling family or side with the needing royal family in betrayal of your own kind for riches and glory to eradicating this so called rebellion. The choice rest in your hands. On your journey learn new forms to take shift into them while staying on your path of redemption…for falling to deep in the way of shifting may have disastrous effects.

Have you tried emailing dropbox about your lost password and seeing if there’s another way to recover it? The stuff that’s public you can grab hold of without doing anything fancy just by going to the files like https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/206818228/web/mygame/scenes/startup.txt (there may be an easier way mind you).

None of the paths you’ve suggested are appealing to me. I think it’s mostly since I prefer games about characters, than games about plot.

Legacy of the shifters – definitely.

@lackofmops I thought you might pick that one :slight_smile:

Have you thought of playing through your Assassin Legacy demo then copy and pasting the narration and dialog? You might not be able to recover the coding, but you may recover the rest of your work.

@Yamamato Sooo much work. I’ll eventually get to it. If not simply leap to making the next chapter and then adding the old one as a flashback…until then I have been wondering on which of these cog prefers as it will help on later expansions and wat not. But I did just recently get into my email but dropbox wasn’t working…

mmm…mmm…AAAh they all seem so exciting! I cant wait for ancients, heavens, and guardians! I want…no DEMAND there be a demo soon! hahahahah

nah just kidding! but i seriously cant wait for them all! OOO SO EXCITING! :smiley:

Hehe @Xhandas_Antonidas truly glad you enjoy your choices however a more specific choice will speed up the making of a demo.


To be honest, id say all but if i had to choose…Guardians legacy…or…Legacy of heavens? I just like magic and the whole good vs evil thing going… Its alot simpler than the constant greys i face everyday hehe an escape from it if you will~ Im a big sucker for magic/fantasy stories xD

I personally find that its often always about sword and daggers and bows etc etc, Wheres the magic? the bolts of lightning? the levitations etc hehe

Anywaay. Ill just sit here…waiting for a demo…waiting…waiting…

Intersante I’ll just need a few more inputs and as soon as I get back home I’ll get started on a demo of one or the other. But hehe I completely agree with you on that one <3


There is a great game called Legacy of the Ancients already, even if it is over twenty years ago (late eighties, if I remember correctly). It was an rpg with cities and towns, as well as castles and dungeons to explore.

interesting although The name can always be changed.

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To be honest, I like the ideas. I think you can make it into a book series instead. You can make it a series, example; “Legacies: Legacy of the Heavens” and make a whole game about it. Then you could continue on and make “Legacies: Legacy of the Ancient” and tell your story and so on. I think you get the idea cuz once I read it, all I was looking for was a link to play it already. Please consider it, these options could be a game on its own. Try it, and I can almost promise you that you would be shocked on the positive outcomes. Honestly can’t wait to play all of them and frankly speaking, I know it takes time but once you’re done with them, it will be worth your time. Please consider, I’ll be waiting for the game(s) hopefully. Anyone you come out with first, I wouldn’t complain. I just want to play it because I like the concept. Good luck, I’ll keep a close eye on this game/game concepts. :smirk:

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