A New Pulse - First Bite WiP

This is my side project that I have been focusing on the past few months. This game will eventually be transferred into Bill1903’s visual cyoa system. But I’m using choicescript to get the basics down. Considering how helpful you Coggers are I’m posting it here to get opinions on it so far.

A basic summary of the game is players assume the role of a vampire hunter who has been caught and is currently being interrogated about his “supposed” crimes. The game flicks between the present and the players interrogation and also the past as the player remembers what has happened before. The actual idea is based off my novel and altered to make a game.

This will be a smaller project than Unnatural but I’m hoping to still have decent replayability.



I just played it and I really liked it!
There are some errors like a word spelled like this: hhello
Or [{blablabla]
And one word was < i>word</ i> Without being italic.
But overall, it was pretty good :slight_smile:

Hey I remeber this wasn’t this the book that you gave us a link to last year?

Why do I not remember that

@nocturnal_stillness can we play as a female?




Yeah it was.


Yes, you can play as a female. (For some reason the girl names were missing, will fix it.)

Edit: girl names fixed.

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@nocturnal_stillness it wont give you the option to crawl through the window, the other options were pick the lock your break down the door, something like that


That’s fixed.

One error I saw was that you would sometimes head to the beginning of the story, with the stats you gained

@nocturnal_stillness theres also a slight grammatical error where Sebastion says “I trained him awhile back.” Should be changed to "trained her awhile back."other than that I really am enjoying yhis story & can’t wait to see the finished result :slight_smile:

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Pretty good I really liked it

Chose female and I keep getting referred to as him his he and gender swapped a lot. When Blackwood and the other detective are talking their names in the little [Name Here] things don’t capitalize it.

I really enjoyed playing this.

In the section where you have an open slot to ask Seb another question, what about ‘So, how many others have you trained since me (or, since I last saw you)?’ I get the feeling my MC thinks he has been a little irresponsible, although her impression may well be wrong.

Also: [Alexis]“Sweet. I can’t wait.” [Juli]“This isn’t a game.” Could that be a choice? And maybe whether I decide to encourage her, spurn her, mock her, etc., could be reflected in my stats?

One other thought… the game feels a LOT like several of the genre tropes already out there (not in CS games, but other media)… are there any little twists (perhaps that we’ve not seen yet) to give it a unique flavour?

I got to a point where, just after Alexis fought the “Mad man” Vamp, I went downstairs where it had no text but 6 choices labeled 1-6 for about 3 or 4 pages until it said something about ending your conversation when you come across the body.

So far it’s really good


In the “vamp lore/info” section with Alexis, she says:
“Vampires can also be killed by severing thier spines at the back of the neck”,

Is that a Shingeki no Kyojin reference? Or is it just me?

Funny to say that, I bought Unnatural yesterday and this sounds more interesting to me. I really like it. The writing is good and I like the flashbacks.

One thing though

An hour later you’re back home as you dump your *back on the table,
Is that correct?

Shouldn’t we be using a repeating crossbow for vampire hunting?

My last character was named Rachel, but the game always refer to her as a man

@Aquila, did you accidentally select male rather than female?

Wow. :slight_smile: Much more to my tastes than Unnatural was - although that was impressive, too. :smiley: I like the ability to choose what happened to your parents and I hope my poor Dwayne finds his lost little sister one day! :wink:

EDIT: Oh- and he wants to romance that girl cop, too ! XD