A Kingdom's Fall: Darkness Rising (WiP)


The Kingdom of Azerlisia is one of the most wealthiest and biggest kingdom in the North. With hordes of resources and vassal states, it has reigned for a long time and has descended into a peaceful kingdom with each of its Kings becoming more and more accustomed to the peace than the last.

You’re the firstborn of King Richard and Queen Eliza and also the heir to the throne. With a mysterious birth, and a twisted plot that was built up for years, you find yourself trapped in the middle of it. Unravel the secrets of your house and origin and take back what is rightfully yours!


  • Play as Male or Female

  • Find someone to love, or if you desire, multiple lovers (harem)

  • Your personality is built up on birth and will never change (a select few scenes however, can change your personality drastically)

  • Your personality will affect how you act

  • Chaos(??)

Hi peeps, thanks for checking out my game. If you’ve played it, the beginning is kind of long, but that’s to hint some things. After that, it’ll be personality building so back to choices.

DEMO: https://dashingdon.com/go/2204


Add superpowers or magic

Plz, do it, or make the MC a magician

Looks super promising so far, that look into the future was just eerie and vague enough for my liking. I’m definitely watching out for this and looking forward to your next update!

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Nothing substantial to comment about yet seeing as how we’re not even past the prologue, but this seems interesting.

Looks fascinating so far!

@Ernest_Choi Thanks for checking this out! If you didn’t catch the tiny hints, there IS magic in this world. You, the MC would definitely be special, and I have something in mind for this already. A magician, or maybe something more. :wink:

@NorWal Thanks, exactly what I was going for, glad it worked out that way!


I must admit that this WIP may be pretty short right now but it already got my attention. And the vague future? Ooooooh… I’m excited to see what’s going to happen during that time where the clairvoyant mentioned that our face was filled with despair.

Just that little bit has got me super interested. Like… I’m watching this WIP like a hawk.

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I liked it but a bit too much quick not much there

You just have to end on a cliffhanger.

Do you mean… a harem?

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@MichaelCrank Glad you liked it! Hopefully, I don’t disappoint with that scene!

@nulCat Thanks for the interest!

@Harley_Robin_Evans Could you emphasize what was too quick, so maybe I could do a check and some edits.

@Umbreonpanda Oh, yeah. That was the word I was looking for!

The demo was to quick really I liked it

I loved it but the cliffhanger, why? :smile:

@Harley_Robin_Evans Ah, you meant the demo was quick. Yeah, I sort of stopped midway.

@kekexterror I lost interest mid-way and decided this is enough as a teaser. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next update, I’ll include your whole childhood to the present day.


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