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Working on a new story for hostedgamesllc about a modern day superhero. I’m new to writing for hosted games, so not much on the story yet. But it’s in progress. What I can say, it’s a story about a superhero in our modern day society. Of course you get to choose your powers, name, gender, and costume. You will also help shape your origin story, as well as the rest of the story. I’m going for more of a gritty noir type feel. So it’ll be taking place in a dark city full of crime and corruption. This won’t be for the faint of heart, or those who don’t enjoy making tough moral decisions.



I moved the project to the WiP forum. Welcome to the community.

Here is a link that might help you as you work on your story: Master-List Links For Beginners by FairyGodFeather


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June 6

I moved the project to the WiP forum. Welcome to the community.

Here is a link that might help you as you work on your story: Master-List
Links For Beginners by FairyGodFeather

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Hey, thanks for doing that for me. I was trying to get it on the page but I
wasn’t able to. I’m new to this, so thanks again. Jeff


I love superhero game and all


I am will be keeping tabs on this.


That sounds great!! I can’t wait till it comes out!! If you need any help at all I’d be glad to help hehe


Cool beans. Can’t wait for more info!


Careful with this, it can end up making all major fight scenes one of two ways: really generic to include all possible powers or really specific and enjoyable for the player, but you have to re-write the same scene a hundred different ways… :worried:

@Zelo sums up my concern very well:


I think you should ethere have 6 to 8 powers, or you make it whare you get more powers as you progress threw the story.


I’m very interested, just be prepared for the work you might have to do for what you’re suggesting.

Wish you luck!


Thanks, I actually just might take you up on that offer.


Thank you! And yes it appears to be quite the job, but I’ll get through it.


Yeah, I’m thinking of just doing power packs. There’s probably going to be a physical power pack, a mental power pack, and something else. The player would choose one pack and play through the story with all the powers in that pack. Although this isn’t official yet though. I may do it differently, it depends on wether I can find a method that’s both time efficient and enjoyable for players.


How would the power packs work if you decide to go this route.
Would it act like card packs in anime games, wears the pc chooses there attack card and hopes to win on a random die roll, or how will this be implimented.


I think he meant that we will no be able to pick and choose our power but that we will choose differents packages as we will have for example the mental package we will have telekinesis and etc, Not that it will be like Yu Gi Oh game.


Yeah, it’s not gonna work like anime. There will be no die rolling or anything like that. The way it would work is, there would be at least three (maybe more) packs. Each pack would be composed of several powers grouped together. You’d read through each pack, then pick one based off of which set of powers your looking for. So pretty much like what Black_Knight said, except in essence you are still getting to choose your powers. Just not in a way that’s going to take me forever to write.


So this topic IS NOT dead? I got banned for posting here… but my last post was like 5 days ago, you just can’t see it


Hey Frank, sorry for the inconvenience. As far as I know this topic is not dead, so I have no idea why you’d get banned for posting here. Let me know if this issue continues to bother you, but in the mean time I’d suggest getting in contact with the choice of games support email (which you can find on their main website). I’m actually new to writing for choice of games and am still figuring out how this website works myself, so I appreciate your patience and support. Have a great day and Happy 4th of July. Thank you, Jeff


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