A Game About Tech Startups

Hey CoG folks!

Hey CoG Community. Well, I’m back with another game after a very long hiatus following First Paradise. This one is my most light-hearted projects to date. It’s the accumulation of some of my experiences in life but at the same time it’s a small poke at some of the things you see in the tech circuit all the time. So let’s get to the good stuff.

In F*cked, Inc, you have been hired as the Interim CEO of a troubled enterprise software startup. Money is tight so The Board is looking to sell. Your job is to keep this sinking ship afloat and attractive for the next three months, just until your company is acquired. After that, it’s not your problem…right?




The game itself is currently in a prototype or proof-of-concept phase. As you can see I went with a very simple API similar to my last project First Paradise since it made creating a demo of sorts fairly straight forward. What I’d like to do in the near future is plug the source into my cleaner and more graphical interactive-fiction engine for a broader appeal.

Regardless, as always I’d appreciate the feedback. I know you all can spot the good, bad and the ugly much quicker than non-IF gamers!

Try the prototype! - http://fcked.joy-toilet.com/

Note: It’s buggy! Mac and Linux ports both forthcoming. Check out the manual if you wish to help us squash bugs! There’s a nasty one in there that’s rooted in the hiring process for some people. There are also a few rounding errors in places that will be sealed in the final.

Final note: The demo is 13 weeks long, unless you go bankrupt. If you just can’t get past a point, that’s a bug so please report it!

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I personally recommend changing the title, i was a little hesitant to click on it due to it’s name.


The game freezes up for me on the Chief Executive Report screen that comes up after entering your company name. Not sure if this is a bug or me doing something wrong, haha.

edit: I tried again a few times and now it’s working! But it did crash after building a new website in week 5 (I think) Interesting game so far. It’s pretty funny. xP

I don’t see a problem with the title. It made me chuckle; it’s very light-hearted. It seems to fit.

I’m on a chromebook right now so I can’t play it, but later I will and I’ll review it.

Thanks for the report!

Yeah the bugs vary so wildly, I’m on it!

Is it possible that you can just share it through dropbox as a link? My parents do no allow me to download anything.

It’s rather… railroading. I couldn’t really do anything of note.

I’m actually going to work on having it play in a browser!

v0.2 is done so it should be a little less wonky. I was able to play through a few times without some derailing nonsense bug. Enjoy! And remember, if you break it, report it!

edit: I managed to kill a lot of arithmetic errors that popped up in 0.1. There’s still a bug that occurs from time to time involving hiring then starting a new “build” project. I advise building and then hiring as a temporary solution. Working on it! Once we’re done with the first 12 weeks I can go ahead and put a dent in the remainder of the game (weeks 13+).


Have you considered making a version of the game in choicescript? I’ve only played a bit, but I wouldn’t think it’d be terribly difficult.

Thought about it, our UI is very specific though. A port to PHP might be the best bet for the future. C to choicescript syntax wouldn’t be a very good time on my end.