.'' A foster child idea that hopefully will end up being a wip just need to figure some stuff out on here

I have this idea to write a foster

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child choice story where you play as a teen.
Girl , boy, im not sure if id add another choice . Gay straight or bisexual. You could be a homeless teen who has just been picked up or you can be a juvenile delinquent (thats the right term right? Who just got out of jail. Or even a trouble maker who just got kicked out of your home but ether way you always get a choice to pick who you are going to live with is it the church loving texans that cant have a child and just want nothing to do but make you fit in will you tear them apart or will you bring the happy couple closer together. Or will you choose the rich family with a retired war hero thats going through post-traumatic stress (ptsd) as a father and a mother that has picked up writeing since her husband was off fighting for there country and has now put out 4 best sellers of there life. They also have 2 kids a son that plans to be a doctor some day and that loves school and that never gets into trouble will you tear down his walls bring him to partys ruin his future make him actually fun. And they have a fashion loving princess of a daughter who is daddys little girl that isnt so perfect. Or will you choose to design your family you live with which really is just going to be a bitch to write but hey it gives me something to do yay woo. In this book you start off as a teen that just turned 15 and travel through highschool and through college is that a spoiler no it can before that will you survive will your bad ass fuck the law instinct keep you alive or will you run away from your new family or just die yeah thats an option its not a fun one but it can end that way or will you survive love the family learn to go with there rules with a hint of your old troubled self.

i will be going into alot for the description wise for you and your foster family like the dad in option 2 may have a old tattoo from back in his days in the army you can also go through if you need a hearing aid or if you are a drug adict or if you have adhd i know a bunch of people think adhd is fake but it will be in there ill also do what type of hair style you have but if you choose homeless off the bat some of these things will come later so yeah

I wont post a demo tell i have at least the first half of the first year done. If theres something wrong with my discription if its confusing tell me and ill try and fix it or if its down right stupid idea and theres alot of you who think so ill end it. I also dont have a title so if you want to give me some titles also if you want to give me some ideas to add in please tell.


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